Cliché-o-Matic: “Nasty, brutish and…”

There have been 78 days of partisan sniping, pandering, gimmicks and relentless ads exhausting voters in an election campaign that often felt nasty, brutish and long.
– Campbell Clark, Globe and Mail, Oct. 19.

Grinding your way to movie star status in Hollywood is a nasty, brutish sport.
– Bruce Kirkland, Toronto Sun, Aug. 16.

If Canadians turn our attention at all from the bliss that is a short but intense summer, we look to the nasty, brutish and long election campaign that yawns before us.
– Bob Rae, Globe and Mail, Aug. 10.

Climate activists rail against suffering in the Third World caused by rising seas, droughts, heat waves and famines they say are linked to climate change. But against that must be measured the certainty that fossil fuel energy from coal, oil and natural gas is responsible for modern civilization.
Without it, people’s lives are nasty, brutish and short.
– Editorial, Toronto Sun, June 15.

For working people in the country, life has become nasty, brutish and short.
– Elizabeth “Tricky Liz” Nickson, National Post, May 5.

The Harper government’s Anti-terrorism Act went through a final day of committee hearings on Tuesday that was nasty, brutish and short.
– Editorial, Globe and Mail, Apr. 2.

Not only is the list nasty, brutish and short, the average market capitalization is less than $100million, the float of available shares is maybe half that and some stocks (value traps) show up every year.
– Robert Tattersol, Globe and Mail, Jan. 2.

WINNER: Globe and Mail – 4.

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One comment on “Cliché-o-Matic: “Nasty, brutish and…”
  1. Patrick60 says:

    The Sun continues its mandate as an E! television program that you can wrap a fish in.

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