FIFA slime trails: Stonewalling at Canada Soccer

In light of even more FIFA scandal revelations this week—President Sepp Blatter was criminally charged for illegal payments and Jerome Valcke, his 2IC, went for the high jump for allegedly taking part in a ticket scalping operation—Canadian sports fans might assume a new approach to financial dealings would be at hand at the Canadian Soccer Association.

They would be wrong, as Amelia Fouques has discovered.

Fouques, a sports lawyer based in Montreal and a member of the CSA board of directors, has demanded detailed financial records of any payments, gifts or travel between the Canadians, FIFA and the regional office of FIFA at CONCACAF, the continent-wide soccer federation of which Canada is a member.

Sounds reasonable to us. After all, the past two presidents of CONCACAF are now under arrest and awaiting revelations in court re their alleged multi-million dollar scams.

If Fouques smells a rat perhaps she has good reason.

Consider that Victor Montagliani, the CSA’s chief ball-washer, has sung the praises of his “inspirational” FIFA bosses. That list includes short-fingered vulgarians Jeffrey Webb, grand fromage of CONCACAF and the aforementioned M. Valcke.

The scale of the alleged CONCACAF corruption is staggering, no mere skimming off the top, but serious percentages of each marketing and rights contract. Quite how these massive cash disappearances could have escaped the notice of anyone connected with CONCACAF is a mystery for the ages.

Just last December Valcke was in Ottawa (see photo) as the centerpiece for the draw for the Women’s World Cup, a ludicrous event that featured numerous star soccer players surrounded by anthropomorphic creatures in furry suits.

Asked in June whether if he had paid a bribe to FIFA so Canada could host the Women’s World Cup tournament, Montagliani replied: “Absolutely not!”

But Fouques won’t let it go. She has demanded that the CSA itemize what money passed between CONCACAF and CSA, how much money did CSA (if any) receive from FIFA and did CSA administrators receive any gifts or travel from CONCACAF?

Montagliani and his bean counters have tried to get Fouques to put a sock in it, but the outspoken legalist responded by taking her complaint to Twitter:

‏@AMELIAsportLAW Sep 28
As a board member of @CanadaSoccerEN I have been asking for financial (etc.) info for some time in order to be able to perform. No answers. Unacceptable.

Over to you, Vic!

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One comment on “FIFA slime trails: Stonewalling at Canada Soccer
  1. Bunyak says:

    I ride my bike past the Soccer Canada building every day. I’ll watch out for a paddy wagon…

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