Remedial Media: Fabrice Taylor, Nostradumbass

The last time we saw Fabrice Taylor, he was touting Diversified Royalty, which had just announced a deal to acquire the Mr. Lube Canada trademark.

“In my view this fast-growing dividend-paying stock is worth buying now because the drop in stock price is about as temporary as such drops get,” he wheezed in his weekly Globe and Minion column.

That was in early August. Over the next few days, Febreze’s kiss-of-death sent Diversified plunging to $2.51, where it languishes still.

(Full disclosure: Taylor once served as publisher of my organ, circa 2003. Sadly, he turned out to be as adept at satire as the stock market, driving the mag into the tarmac in less than a year.)

Now where was I? Oh, yes, speaking of touts, how about Air Canada?

When he promoted AC on June 17, it was trading at $13.79. This week Air Canada was at $11.03 per share, a loss of 27 per cent, if you followed his advice.

Doubtless Bay Street punters are grateful that Febreze only promotes stocks that he owns personally—a fine print disclaimer meant to offset any suggestion of conflict and/or self-interest.

Or as commenter “Trawnaman” put it this week re Taylor’s column:
“I doubt there’s anything illegal going on. More likely, ‘articles’ like this are just easy—and cheap—ways for the Globe’s editors to fill space. Like those fawning “Lunch with…” pieces. I doubt Taylor gets paid anything; he’s doing it for the promotional value.”

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4 comments on “Remedial Media: Fabrice Taylor, Nostradumbass
  1. tyrone says:

    I always use Fabrice at home, when I want to get rid of unwanted odors. It is a good spray.

  2. daveS says:

    Fabrice Taylor: Here’s a stock with solid turnaround potential
    Special to The Globe and Mail
    Published Monday, Feb. 08, 2016 7:00PM EST
    Last updated Monday, Feb. 08, 2016 7:19PM EST

    IBI Group Inc (TSE:IBG)
    09 February at close of trading 2.38 +0.08 (3.48%)

  3. Muldoon's NyQuil says:

    Nostradumbass indeed.

    My favourite Fabreeze read harkens back to the 2004/5 blog of Marc Weisblott.

    The ‘Better Living Centre Toronto’ blog lasted less than a year but his review of Fabreeze’s magazine ownership skillzzz (at about the one-year point) is especially memorable.

    Sidenote: A warm, deserving smugness settles upon me as I recall never purchasing one issue of Frank while Fabreeze was at the helm.
    But I voted for Mulroney.
    So f*ck me.
    It cancels out.
    Shut up.
    I was young.

    Here’s Marc:

    “Frank’s online forums, once a throbbing exchange of dirt diminished to a handful of bitter feuds, were shuttered. The print pages were increasingly filled with stock “wacky news” rewrites and generic jabs at Paris Hilton and almost an entire issue dedicated to reprinting celebrity anecdotes about virginity loss. Finally, Fabrice Taylor announced his intention to end this charade and get a real “as yet unspecified” job.”

    “An early September payment due to Michael Bate was evidently at the core of this recent turmoil–it’s not like any new money offset the burn of a $500K kitty, replenished least of all by the planned personal ads–perhaps the all-but-worthless franchise is Bate’s to have back. The spirit of what Fabrice Taylor wanted… –a Canadian periodical that wasn’t the by-product of a trust fund or pandering to ad agencies or sucking off the governmental teat–is awfully laudable. His coasting on Bate’s infamy, only to turn around and discredit it, was the biggest of Fabrice’s blunders. With so much attention heeded this fall to the unchecked and imbalanced contortions of the U.S. media paradigm, perhaps Canada will catch up right on schedule: the year 2020, give or take a few days.”

    Nostradumbass indeed.

    The Full Frank Febreeze:

  4. daveS says:

    The surprising revelation about what Fabrice Taylor holds in his own portfolio

    Fabrice Taylor
    Special to The Globe and Mail
    Published Tuesday, Sep. 20, 2016 6:09PM EDT
    Last updated Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2016 7:38AM EDT


    …”But I’m not your average ETF investor.”

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