Frank Flashback (Feb 1999): The Hon. Gerald A. Regan Rape Crisis Centre

What a delight to see Gerry Regan, 19th premier of Nova Scotia, Pierre Trudeau cabmin and serially successful sex charge defendant (18 charges, 13 women, 0 convictions), lurking proudly in the House of Commons gallery as his boy Geoff was handed the keys to Kingsmere and pressed into service as Speaker of the House.

Ger’ was acquitted in 1998 of eight charges of rape, attempted rape and unlawful confinement involving three women and dating back to the 1950s. In 2002, with the high-priced help of legalists Eddie Greenspan and Marie Henein, he finally saw the rest of the case against him, assorted alleged gropings and kissing of complainants, aged 14-24, collapse. Return with Frank to those heady days of total vindication!


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