The Twidiocy: No Country for Old Men

The appointment last week of David MacNaughton as Canadian ambassador to Washington triggered predictable reactions from Twitter loudmouths, among Ray Heard and former President Steve cabinet minister Erin O’Toole.

@ErinOTooleMP  Trudeau Chief of Staff appoints her former boss & Toronto lobbyist as our Ambassador to the US. So Long Sunny Ways.

(Even some Tories took exception to O’Toole’s remarks and broke ranks, among them lobby weasel Chad Rogers: ‪@ErinOTooleMP ‪#DavidMacNaughton is as accomplished a Canadian as I know. Focus on the resumé. Partisanship made you a cabinet minister.)

As for Heard, the self-absorbed crackpot decried the “Liberal pork-barrel politics” of appointing “crony MacNaughton,” who’s not a “consultant” but a “LOBBYIST.”

On that subject, Ray knows whereof he burbles.

In the late nineties, there was hardly a lobbyist that wasn’t shilling for the banks and the combined weasel tab of the Big Four Canadian Banks was an estimated $60-million.

Highest of the highly-paid was the aforementioned M. MacNaughton, then head of Toronto-based Strathshore Financial. He reportedly trousered $20,000 a month repping the interests of the RBC and Bank of Montreal during the height of merger madness.

The bank execs MacNaughton worked closely with were Allan Taylor and John “Foghorn” Cleghorn of the Royal.

Among their retinue was an in-house lobbyist and chief executive fart-catcher, a chap by the name of, er, Ray Heard.

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