Cliché-o-Matic: “Rings hollow”

Kevin Libin: The CRTC’s culture-class warfare rings hollow
– National Post, Feb. 23.

This accomplishment of making the American Dream more of a reality north of the border was never without its imperfections, ringing rather hollow for many native communities, some immigrant groups, and certain visible minorities. …[M]eritocracy will ring hollow for those who did get an education but not quite in the right field, or from the right university….”
– Miles Corak, Globe and Mail, Feb. 22.

Conservative carping at Trudeau Liberals rings hollow
– Editorial, Toronto Star, Jan. 25.

Government promises to uphold and respect treaty rights ring hollow when construction is green-lighted before ongoing First Nations’ court cases against the dam are finished.
– Stewart Phillip and David Suzuki, Vancouver Sun, Jan. 12.

Making a big show of donating your child-care cheques to charity rings hollow when you’ve got two public employees taking care of the kiddies at home.
– Matt Gurney, National Post, Dec. 1.

It rings hollow that Canada wants to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees here in the space of weeks, yet couldn’t find the wherewithal to hire 76 additional mental-health professionals almost two years ago, or to institute a system to keep better track of reservists
– George Petrolekas, Globe and Mail, Nov. 4.

Like Harper, the Fords and the unabashed primitiveness and paucity of their ambitions have no place in the Canada Trudeau personifies. Their insistence that government, indeed, the whole public sector, is the enemy and that taxes are the measure of all things rings hollow.
– Christopher Hume, Toronto Star, Oct. 23.

Trailing in the campaign homestretch, the NDP’s deathbed pleas for a progressive voice rang hollow: Imagine Mulcair holding the balance of power, demanding that Trudeau rein in his infrastructure investments to balance the budget.
– Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star, Oct. 22.

Stephen Harper’s final, frantic sales pitch rings hollow
– Editorial, Toronto Star, Oct. 13.

The book includes a photo of the T-shirt Bloc volunteers wore during the 1993 campaign declaring, “I worked on the one and only Bloc Québécois election campaign,” a boast that rings hollow as the party contests its eighth election.
– Graeme Hamilton, National Post, Sept. 23.

After such a difficult season and with another one likely on the way, that might ring hollow in a lot of markets – especially for a team that has made the playoffs only once since 2004.
– James Mirtle, Globe and Mail, Sept. 12.

WINNER: Toronto Star (4)

RUNNER-UP (tie): Globe and Mail, National Post (3)

DISHONOURABLE MENTION: Miles Corak (2 in the same eyeglazer)

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