Ghomeshi’s Getting Off, If Ya Know What I Mean!

We sure are learnin’ a bunch about the law from the Ghomeshi trial. Like how the judge thinks it’s his Trudeau-given right to deprive us of a victim’s swimsuit pic.

Everybody knows courtroom artists are crap, and the public needs to answer the question: hot or not?

Of course, ya can’t trust a Persian, and that goes double if he’s a CBC host, but like they say, there’s two sides to every sick, perverted story.

No doubt the guy’s into some weird stuff, but who isn’t?

I’m not proud to admit it, but once I pleasured myself by voting Social Credit. But that’s not a crime, and I didn’t hurt anybody but the missus, who I made watch, so who are we to judge, judge?

Besides, his lawyer’s a lady, and a real firecracker to boot.

If he’s not just a Fruvous gone bad, but really guilty, why would she take the case?

For publicity? C’mon, she’s not one of his publicity-hungry girlfriends!

Take that Lucy Whatchamacallit from The Trailer Park Fellas.

I didn’t even know her name before she came forward. Why else would she put herself through this public humiliation in the papers and on the stand with little hope of justice if not to see her name, whatever the hell it is, up in lights?

I’m not one to say that women’s lib hasn’t done some good.

Of course they’re entitled to their own special brand of cigarettes, and from “Burn the bra!” to “Free the nipple!” I’ve been with ’em a hundred percent.

But it’s possible to take a good thing, like dames, too far.

Now they want to talk about “rape culture.” They always want to talk.

Can’t they just shut up for once and enjoy it for what it is?

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