Weasel World: Gold-digging with Don Boudria

A queasy delight to see Don Boudria working his oily magic again, topping up his fat parliamentary pension as a lobbyist on behalf of such clients as Bell Canada, TMX Group and the Canadian Association of Naturoquackic Doctors.

The erstwhile Liberal house leader and public works minister works fast, it seems, registering for a mere 48 hours (Jan. 27-29) on behalf of Pinewood Studios to scrape up some Canada 150 lolly for Pinewood’s upcoming CanCon blockbuster, Spirits of the Northwest Passage.

Readers will recall the egregious slaphead wasted no time cranking up his arse-creeping quota as soon as his Liberal cronies had regained the levers of power and pork. Boudria registered as lobbyist for law firm Miller Thomson Oct. 27, with special lickspittle attention to Industry and Global Affairs.

The next day, the Hill & Knowlton thingy logged his first meeting, presciently enough, with the Hon. Stephane Dion, who was just days away from his swearing-in as…Global Affairs Minister.

Readers will recall how Don helped engineer Dion’s unaccountably successful campaign for the Liberal leadership. Now it’s Binder Boy and Backpack Boy, together again!

Don’s proximity to the minister should do no harm to the prospects of Goldcorp, another Boudria client, currently seeking to loosen CIDA’s purse strings to pay for a medical program at their Marlin mine in western Guatemala.

“Goldcorp provides regular updates on its existing mining operations and projects and Corporate Social Responsiblity [sic] programs in Canada and internationally,” the exemplary corporate citizen informs us in Boudria’s registration.

Good thing, too, as the past decade at Marlin has been haunted by the most unseemly allegations against the mine’s operators, Montana Exploradora.

One local farmer claims she lost right-side hearing, sight and feeling in her face after Montana goons shot her in the head in 2010 for refusing to sell her land to the company. In 2009, an anti-mining protester was allegedly beaten, soaked in gasoline and burned alive.

A farrago of fabrications, sans doubt, as Goldcorp would never allow their name to be tarnished by association with such shitheeled brutality, any more than would the Hon. Donald Boudria, P.C.

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One comment on “Weasel World: Gold-digging with Don Boudria
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Sunny ways, indeed! Justine needs to clear out some of the gangrene in his party.

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