Frank of Ages: We the Othered!


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One comment on “Frank of Ages: We the Othered!
  1. merklin muffley says:

    The Green Party has put together a paper called “Streamlined Basketball: Reducing Greenhouse Gasses By Improving Professional Sports”. The idea is to save thousands of kilowatt hours of stadium lighting by only playing the last minute of any given game. “Since nothing ever happens in a basketball game until the final minute, we propose that every game start with each team being given 99 points. Then, play the final minute” said party leader Elizabeth May. Fans, explained Ms. May, would benefit physically because “There’d be no time to sit down” which she further said would lead to a reduction in the many health problems caused by indolence and inactivity. The policy paper was presented to the press yesterday at the Green Party caucus room, a telephone booth at the Corner of Sparks Street and Elgin in Ottawa.

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