Remedial Media: Lustrously Lacquering Lisa

It’s a Lisa LaFlamme-apalooza up in here.

The botoxed rictus of CTV’s national newsdiva beams from the cover of the current Reader’s Digest, while Herself flits from tear-jerkers with refugees in northern Iraq to Helsinki for jury duty on the UNESCO World Press Freedom Award.

Racking up the frequent flier miles with LaFlameout is Spring Roy, her hair and makeup wrangler, on hand to keep the Giantess of Journalism’s bouffant lacquered and her newspaint evenly spackled.

Readers may recall last fall, while Bell Media distributed cigarettes and blindfolds to some 400 CTV sluggos, Lisa was unavailable to commiserate with her colleagues, packed as she was on a plane to cover the terrorist bloodbath in Paris.

CTV’s $100,000 entourage included the usual complement of makeup artists, but LaFlamme insisted on adding Spring to the roster, trusting embalming duties on this solemn occasion to no one else.

On the way home, Lisa and Spring made a quick stopover in London for a well-earned decompression, a little lunch and much shopping, before returning to the newly-decimated Toronto newsroom, looking fresh and flawless as always, amen.

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One comment on “Remedial Media: Lustrously Lacquering Lisa
  1. OJM says:

    If she insists on calling herself “Lisa LaFlamme” they should have her end every show with a fan dance.

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