Andrew “Batshit” Mitrovica

That Martin Bormann put up quite the struggle–I could have used some help

@AndrewMitrovica May 19
BTW, I was successfully hunting down Nazi war criminals living in Canada while @timhudak and @MikeColleMPP were making speeches.
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2 comments on “Andrew “Batshit” Mitrovica
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Before or after their 90th birthdays?

  2. Muldoon's NyQuil says:

    Last fall, Incognito Press published a mordaciously entertaining Mitrovica scather; ‘Gagging the Messenger: An Open Letter to Walrus Magazine:

    “Wouldn’t it have been good journalism for Mitrovica and/or your editors to contact me or other Bristow victims at any point in time, before or after writing your pro-CSIS piece, given the fact that my testimony was credible both in the court of law (leading to convictions and prison terms for 3 top Heritage Front leaders), and also good enough for me to testify about Bristow’s illegal acts in front of a Parliamentary Subcommittee in the House of Commons? Why don’t you go ask Clayton Ruby and Paul Copeland…

    “You only give a shit about the status quo, and what’s “hot” in the moment… you don’t represent the average Canadian, and you don’t actually give a shit about anything other than your own fiscal bottom line.

    “I’m a nobody who told the truth… worse yet, I’m a woman writing political discourse who cannot get published in Canada – while everywhere around me men (who didn’t witness first-hand what I did) are getting book deals from major publishers – including the men whose excerpts you chose to feature…

    “I’m sorry I don’t have a penis. Perhaps if I did, I might have captured your attention.”

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