Warren Kinsella on Justin Trudeau

That’s the most critical part. I end [by] doing something else entirely – by paying tribute to Trudeau. I point out that the man he was before the election is not the same man he is after it. 

He has become increasingly tough and resolute, and he clearly now recognizes the homicidal threat we collectively face. He has been transformed, I think, by the terrible events of the past few months. 

There isn’t much I feel I can do on my own, this morning. But I am proud, at least, to say that Justin Trudeau is my Prime Minister in these dangerous times.

–Warren Kinsella’s blog, July 15, 2016.

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5 comments on “Warren Kinsella on Justin Trudeau
  1. Nete Peedham says:

    Thoughts of a classic Limousine Liberal.

  2. thisguy says:

    kinda feels like he’s clapping at a funeral.

  3. Papadoc says:

    Not much Warren can do on his own any morning I would think.

  4. Forbes Kennedy says:

    Shake those pom poms, Warren.

  5. tyrone says:

    All Jr. Trudeau does is tweet that his “hearts and minds goes out the victims”….how is that resolute?

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