Legion News: Squeaky Johnson gets the grease

The petty kvetching continues over pay and perks for senior brass and favoured insiders at the Royal Canadian Legion.

Readers will recall this spring’s hair-puller over a resolution that would have disclosed the salary of any Legion thingy making over $100K, some of whom manage departments with as few as five bodies.

Dominion Secretary Brad “El Blanco” White was having none of this Bolshevism.

“Any release of that information would be deemed as a breach of contract and an invasion of privacy. Further an employee must consent to having that information made public before it takes place,” he wrote in an April memo. “To do the contrary, the Legion could face litigation through the courts for breach of contract and invasion of privacy.”

Also top secret, the cost to members of Legion junkets, like last year’s toot to the Caribbean by then-prez Tom Eagles and his delightful spouse Cheryl, or Tom and Brad‘s trips to the UK, also avec les wives.

With membership circling the bowl and money increasingly tight, of course, belts had to be tightened further down the Legion org chart, where workaday sluggos got no cost of living increase last year, even while they sucked up a 50% increase in their contributions to the pension fund – coupled with a 20% cut in pension benefits.

In May, the other boot dropped as Legion thingies noticed a further shrinkage in their pay packets, the result of a surprise 18% jack-up in their health insurance premiums. The Legion’s $100K+ brain trust had, it seemed, forgotten to apprise their underlings of the impending gouge.

And so it comes as welcome news that El Blanco has been assiduously harrying the hedges in pursuit of accounts receivable, including $54,000 shelled out for a history of the Legion that never materialized.

Flash back to 2007. The Legion wanted to commission a new vanity doorstopper, a followup to 1995’s Branching Out: The Story of the Royal Canadian Legion by James Hale.

Turns out the timing was perfect. Mac “Squeaky” Johnson, just the braunnoser for the job, was retiring from the editorship of the house organ Legion Magazine and looking for new income (‘challenges,’ shurely?!–ed.) He agreed to a $54,000 contract, including a $14,000 non-refundable advance, to bash out the shine-job.

Alas, Squeaky appears to have subsequently come down with a severe and, as it turns out, chronic case of writer’s block.

So unrelenting is his constipation that he has been unable even to answer El Blanco’s letters of inquiry as to the whereabouts of the manuscript – or the $54K, which Squeaky pocketed in full, lo’ these many years ago.

Doubtless this mystery will soon be solved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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3 comments on “Legion News: Squeaky Johnson gets the grease
  1. daveS says:

    And Dick Little’s opinion?

  2. Mikeonthebike says:

    When I left the forces I did not hear one word from the Legion. Something a now-dying group should do with any forces retiree. When I fought for 2 years to get the Government to place sentries at the WAr Memorial the Legion were not one ram of help. In fact the only on TV comment was a ridiculous critique of my suggestion of a small, tasteful cordon near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A spokesman babbled on about barriers…etc.

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