Peace Pipe, Peace Pipeline–What Difference Does It Make!

I guess some folks think young Trudeau’s better than nothin’, but I dunno. I’d say they’re pretty much the same.

And I’m alright with that. In my experience it’s when the Libbies start doin’ somethin’ instead of nothin’ that all hell breaks loose.

So I’ll hand it to him, he’s doin’ alright by doin’ precisely nothin’ about our natives’ affairs.

Back in the campaign Justin sure said all the things they wanted to hear, and if the price to pay for his doin’ dick all about it is that I had to hear it, too, then I guess in the end it’s worth it.

And ya gotta admit, Justin does look pretty snazzy in a headdress. The eagle feathers nicely offset his vacant gaze, doncha think?

All the Trudeaus take naturally to the buckskin. And if it keeps things quiet down on the reservation then he should keep playin’ the part, no matter how many times we have to see him paddlin’ a damn canoe.

Justin had me worried for a while, with his election year mealy-mouthed yammerin’ on about “consultation” and “indigenous rights,” that he’d finally gone one toke over the line. I should have known better. I mean, hell, this ain’t exactly my first Liberal rodeo.

And no offense to the man, but Steve Harper never seemed too comfortable in Indian gear. Kinda like a young boy dressed up in drag by his drunk mom one time because what she really wanted was a daughter.

He wasn’t foolin’ nobody. And like Gandhi said, ya gotta fool some of the people some of the time. That’s just politics!

We’d better hope Justin’ll be the same Indian giver where it comes to the Chinese.

Promise ’em the world but give ’em diddly.

Diddly sounds like a nice, upscale Vancouver neighbourhood. I bet they’d buy it.

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3 comments on “Peace Pipe, Peace Pipeline–What Difference Does It Make!
  1. Patrick60 says:

    Little Big Man speak with forked tongue!

  2. OJM says:

    What would Dick’s Indian name be? “Tiny Schwanz Drink Like Fish”, I’m guessing.

  3. merklin muffley says:

    Mr. Little’s observations on the contemporary political scene, both trenchant and wise, follow the trail blazing path set out by the late Fred C. Dobbs, Bard of Beamsville and noted biter-of-the-hand-that-fed-him, a hand usually attached to the arm of the CBC. While Mr. Dobbs’ own observations of Liberal governance (The Golden Age Of Bullshit -1978- and The Platinum Age Of Bullshit -1981) dealt with Trudeau The Elder, there is an undeniable interchangeability between father and son -the bottom line being fresh bullshit is still bullshit no matter how you cut it, a point clearly, if somewhat tacitly, addressed by Mr. Little.

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