Kate McKinnon’s SNL Hallelujah

Wow! Kate McKinnon took a genius impression of Hillary Clinton to another level.@larrywilmore Nov 13

My God. No words – no words. Bravo
@joshgad Nov 13

SNL’s Haunting, Poignant Cold Open- I can’t watch…
@MartinaNavratilova Nov 13

SNL getting sentimental about Hillary Clinton (and roping Leonard Cohen into it) is embarrassing.
@JesseBrown Nov 13

Kate Mckinnon used Leonard Cohen’s 2 sanctify mass murderer accused pedophile Hillary Clinton on SNL 2night & encouraged kids 2 riot.
@TheRealRoseanne Nov 13

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2 comments on “Kate McKinnon’s SNL Hallelujah
  1. rumleyfips says:

    Accused pedophile ? Never heard that one . Can I snort what she did.

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