Election Mega Drivel

And it’s that great talent, among all his fine qualities, that has attracted the unwavering support of such fellow equal-opportunity employers as the KKK, the National Socialist Movement and the American Freedom Party
Donald Trump has a big mouth and a loose tongue, but he has, unlike many of his accusers, a perfect record as an equal-opportunity employer, and there is not a scintilla of evidence that he is a racist. He was probably correct that the judge of whom he complained was biased, but was unrigorous and very ungracious in imputing this to his ancestry. Mr. Trump is a great talent, but rigor and grace, like modesty, are not at the forefront of his fine qualities.…
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, National Review, Nov. 2, 2016.  

Yet another innocent victim of ventriloquism
Just as outrageous was the portrayal of Trump as a misogynist. His personal conversation is less coarse than Mrs. Clinton’s, and the tape of his exchange eleven years ago with Billy Bush (of the ubiquitous Bushes), while repulsive, was not how he speaks.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, op. cit.

And won those debates so handily that even Republicans abandoned him in droves…er, wait a minute…
An inconvenient fact, which the Washington media chose not to recognize, is that he overcame the Bush-tape disaster and won the last two debates; qualities of leadership do lurk beneath his efflorescent egotism.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, op. cit.

Such obloquy from the right that even David Duke was outraged
[M]ost distasteful of all are the sanctimonious conservative intellectuals who departed Trump to legitimize the Clinton sleaze factory…. The worst of them are those who accused Trump of fascistic tendencies and even of anti-Semitism….
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, op. cit.

Hey, Pepe, or whatever your name is, start shovelling, or I’ll dump your body back over the wall, capiche?
In the last week of this tumultuous campaign, Donald Trump, however raucous his delivery, has emerged as the candidate of comparative integrity, and the only person who might clean out the Augean stable of the American political system.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, op. cit.


Polls, damned polls and, er, more damned polls
U.S. race now too close to call: Clinton’s gains clawed back to zero by new email scandal, poll suggests
Nick Allen and David Lawlor, NP1, National Post in the Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 31, 2016.

Although the popular vote remains fairly close, Clinton is so far ahead in the electoral college that the New York Times still reckons she has a 91 per cent chance of winning the election.
—Matthew Fisher, NP2, National Post in the Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 31, 2016.

 Hillary Clinton’s lead dwindles to 2 points in wake of FBI’s email probe
—cbc.ca, Nov. 2, 2016.

 Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump unaffected by FBI announcement: poll
—globalnews.ca, Nov. 2, 2016.

Chance of winning…Hillary Clinton 65.6%…Donald Trump 34.4%.

Poli sigh 101
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may have finally received the campaign miracle he needs: Madonna recently promised that, “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a b—j–.” If a spur were needed to drive the millions still in the “undecided” camp to flee in dread to Trump, this is it…. I’d prefer to use a less graphic example, but it does show that Trump, despite his own best efforts, is still in the running. After all, the washed-up pop star wouldn’t be offering her services if Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in.
—T. Rex Murphy, National Post, Oct. 21, 2016.



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6 comments on “Election Mega Drivel
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    It would take more than Hercules to clean out the Augean stable of Black’s prose,
    & it would be a damn stinky job.

  2. Papadoc says:

    For God’s sake, why doesn’t Lord Tubs cede defeat? Trump is not going to triumph, and Tubs is never getting his presidential pardon, nor getting his much revered Order of Canada lapel pin back. Go away Conrad, you are boring the hell out of us. And the Post is going down with you.

  3. OJM says:

    Trump as Hercules…good grief…more like a pussy-grabbing satyr, I’m thinking.

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