Senator Meredith: The Doctor Is Out!

Well, we won’t have The Hon. Dr. Professor Senator Don Meredith to kick around anymore.

Longtime readers will recall revelations in the satirical press (February 2014) that Dandy Don wasn’t quite what he appeared to be.

The high-roller in the bespoke suits hopped aboard the senate gravy train in 2010, courtesy of President Steve, and immediately contracted senate disease, which has symptoms of delusions of grandeur, swollen ego, self-absorption and, worst of all, an obsession with decorative academic credentials.

At the time, his senate website boasted that he’d copped a Master’s degree from something called California State Christian University.

But Frank calls to the 800 number on the school’s website got “”, a company in Orlando, Fla., (“press ‘2’ for technical support.”)

We tried a second number for California State Christian University, this version on Wilshire Blvd. in L. A., and connected with a chiropractor’s office with the phone message, “If it’s an emergency, call 911.”

Dandy’s resumé also included an “honorary doctor of divinity” degree from the Canadian Christian Clinical Counselors Association. No website for the CCCCA could be found.

Later that year, Don announced he’d been appointed governor of something called New Westminster College, which has its campus located in suite 404, at 999 Canada Place, Vancouver.

But ever since those allegations in 2015 about an unseemly relationship with a 16-year-old girl were revealed in the gutter press, Dandy has been keeping a low profile. (A police investigation into the woman’s allegations went nowhere after she decided to avoid any further publicity.)

By then, however, the damage had been done and the Dr. Professor Senator punted from the Tory caucus.

Too little, too late, Meredith recently purged his web page of its woofier honours, deleting references to his post graduate diploma mills and no longer referring to himself as “Dr. Professor.”

Another Frank public service?

Not so much.

Even without all his impeccable “qualifications,” Dandy gets the last laugh. At 51, he’s got 24 years remaining in the senate. Then he starts collecting his annual pension of $164,920!

Pip! Pip!

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3 comments on “Senator Meredith: The Doctor Is Out!
  1. Steve-O says:

    Meredith took lessons from Duffy and is now fulfilling his sought-after roll of being a full-time leech.

  2. Patrick60 says:

    That chamber is more of a chamber pot.

  3. Mikeonthebike says:

    How in hell is this permitted..WE need an elected Senate… but hey the Senate is like selling life boats on the Titanic to party faithful

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