“Uncharted waters”

[Maryam Monsef] is also proposing to significantly expand voting into previously uncharted waters by permitting any expatriate Canadian citizen who’s ever lived in Canada to cast a ballot.
– Bruce Cheadle, Canadian Press, Nov. 25.

Where does this leave Canada? We are in uncharted waters. We have never faced a president with this view of the international system, collective security and the role of government.
– Andrew Cohen, Ottawa Citizen, Nov. 16.

Am I worried? Of course. We are in uncharted waters. Violent and stormy waters. At the helm is a captain who doesn’t seem to know how to treat his crew or passengers. Late in the evening, as it became clear that Trump was going to win…
– Mark Bergin, Kingston Heritage, Nov. 11.

Reproductive technology has now entered uncharted waters in such a way that at the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in San Francisco, a plenary session was given with the title of Who’s Your Mommy? Who’s Your Daddy?
– Dr. Peter Nieman, Calgary Herald, Nov. 10.

Mike Babcock finds himself in uncharted waters.
– Terry Koshan, Toronto Sun, Oct. 8.

[Anne Catherine Tanguay] was 3-under after two rounds and carded a bogey-free 4-under on Saturday to reach previously uncharted waters.
– Mike Ganter, Vancouver Province, Sept. 4.

Like his predecessor and most of Britain’s business and financial elite, [Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip] Hammond was an advocate of austerity and of staying in the EU. Now, he has the unenviable task of steering a dramatically different course for both the economy and the public purse as Britain sails into uncharted waters.
– Brian Milner, Globe and Mail, July 18.

Others were less sanguine, noting that the Brexit vote means both Britain and Europe are heading into uncharted waters.
– Joanna Slater, Globe and Mail, July 4.

Safe to say that for now, we are collectively underway in uncharted waters, and investing has just become a much riskier enterprise.
– James West, National Post, June 24.

The government, and the court for that matter, was moving into uncharted waters that would inevitably cause people to read into the future rather than rely upon the past.
– Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail, June 22.

But at least everyone’s talking about it, out in the open. And it’s not as if we are wandering into completely uncharted waters, either. The experiences in a handful of U.S. states and some countries overseas, where assisted death is commonplace, can help our politicians craft solid laws.
– Ricky Leong, Calgary Sun, June 7.

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