Selfie of the Week: Dr. Allyson Koffman

Speaking of fake news–and who isn’t–I see that longtime Frank subscriber Dr. Allyson Koffman has taken exception to the media coverage of the brutal murder of her friend, Dr. Elana Fric-Shamji.

Fric-Shamji’s body was found stuffed in a suitcase near Kleinburg last week. Police allege that after a loud argument, the Scarborough Hospital physician was strangled and struck with a blunt force object by her husband, Dr. Mohammed Shamji, a prominent Toronto neurosurgeon.

But according to Dr. Koffman, the lamestream media is, as usual, getting it all wrong about her beloved friend:

To those under the illusion that an elite education = squishy progressivism, take Dr. K., please.

She may be a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Western Ontario and U. of T. medical skools but despite those sterling qualifications, she’s a devotee of the trash tab Toronto Sun, particularly the aforementioned former journalist Joe Wormington, a fangirl of Saint Rob Ford and his successor, Donald Trump.

The discerning Dr. K. has little time for Toronto’s elitist broadsheets, particularly the communist Toronto Star, ever since they covered every salacious detail of her sexual hijinks so many years ago.

In the event, the College of Physicians and Surgeons charged the good doctor with sexually abusing one of her patients in 1999.

The case took several years to conclude, as the college disciplinary committee reviewed the evidence. In the end, however, it was Dr. K’s boobs that saved her ass.

In a complaint to the college, the male patient, whose ID was protected by a publication ban, alleged that Dr. K. enticed him into having sex and gave him drugs.

Upon questioning by her legalist, Jonathan Lisus, the man described Dr. Koffman’s body, noting she had no noticeable scars, only a mole on her buttocks. Nonsense, Lisus said. If they had been intimate, he should know about her breast scars.

Dr. Koffman offered to bare her breasts for the only female member of the panel if necessary to show the scars from breast-reduction surgery years before. In the end, she did not have to strip, entering into evidence photographs of them by a plastic surgeon.

Lisa Brownstone, the college’s lawyer, argued that the pictures did not show the breasts in natural light and conditions. The 24-year-old complainant would have noticed only that the breasts were “lumpy,” she told the panel.

In the end, the committee dismissed the sex-abuse complaint, but found that Koffman crossed the line by seeing the man socially.

The committee found she was misguided in having a personal relationship with the man, in using her bedroom as an office and in trying to treat him when it was beyond her qualifications.

“They are not mere errors in judgment, but rather unprofessional acts exposing a patient to potential harm.”

Where’s Joe Wormington when you need him??!

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