This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

Const. Mathieu Crousset and Gus the horse have just completed their six-month training program for the RCMP’s Musical Ride.

– A1, Dec. 10, 2016.

Archivist, 92, honoured by Ottawa Kennel Club
– Dec. 10.

Beaten puppy dies, witnesses sought
– Dec. 10.

Coyote kills cat in east-end neighbourhood
– Dec. 10

Giraffes facing silent extinction, biologists warn
– Dec. 9.

A cop, kitten and charge of discreditable conduct
– Dec. 8.

Firefighters rescue adventurous dog trapped on Barrhaven rooftop
– Dec. 6.
‘Miss Piggy’ surrenders to Lanark authorities
Lanark OPP remain sty-mied after rescuing a large and largely happy pig from an anonymous life of indolence last Friday, following a Dalhousie Township resident’s report of the sow wandering on his property for three days.
– Nov. 30.

Grey matter; Why this jay is anything but a bird-brained choice for Canada
– David Bird, Nov. 26.

Faris faces $5,000 fine over dog
Anna Faris may owe an animal shelter US$5,000 for breaking a signed adoption agreement for a dog. The shelter alleges her chihuahua was found homeless and in bad shape.
– Nov. 23.

Residents displaced, pet dog perishes in smoky Carlington fire
– Nov. 22.

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2 comments on “This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder
  1. OJM says:

    Musical Ride or not, keep that damn horse out of my perennials!

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