Deflower Brian Lilley?!

Trash Magazine’s False Equivalency of the Week Award goes to Brian Lilley, the gun-lovin’, CBC-hatin,’ anti-vaxxin’ former journalist from RebelTV.

The smart-haired Lilley has been a favourite of the satirical press ever since he graduated from Mohawk College with a diploma in broadcasting, moved to Ottawa and spent the next 10 years sucking up to the Tories.

This week found Brian on Lügenpants TV, again burbling on about the CBC.

But instead of another interminable rant about how the Corpse must be destroyed, Lilley nearly broke into tears about how he suffered untold abuse from left wing progressives.

“If you were to believe the media (note to Brian: You are the media), you would think that the only folks being targeted by mean tweets and abusive comments were women.”

“[Rachel Notley and Kathleen Wynne] face abuse online, but that abuse is not only aimed at progressive women and in fact, not just at women at all.

“One time we even had to call the police after I got an email from someone who, well, they were upset that I’d written another article about the CBC wasting money. They described in detail in the email how they and a friend, two men, knew how to find me and planned to rape me over and over until I stopped writing about CBC.”

And still Brian fearlessly risks his sexual integrity on the CBC beat. Harrowing as that email must have been for the crusading journo, though, it’s pretty weak shit compared to the sort of stuff Notley endures daily.

Take, for example, this, from one Vlad Johnson: “If you own a shotgun and you see nazi pig rachel notley, do a favour for Canada and blow her fkg head off.”

Source? RebelTV’s comments section.

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2 comments on “Deflower Brian Lilley?!
  1. Rosemary444 says:

    That email reads like something from Marie Henein’s Jian Ghomeshi file.

  2. Patrick60 says:

    Lilley-livered indeed!

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