“Foot the bill”

We understand why Canadians get so frustrated at the green schemes, rising taxes, special interest group shenanigans and more that plague our political landscape.
It’s because they were never consulted on this agenda but are always expected to foot the bill for it.
– Editorial, Toronto Sun, Feb. 16.

We’re left scratching our heads here. If the CSeries is so great, why won’t anyone else foot the bill for it?
– Editorial, Toronto Sun, Feb. 9.

Johnston said the sailboat was not insured. That means the owner will have to foot the bill for raising the vessel and the cleanup costs, which could be tens of thousands of dollars.
– Katie DeRosa, Victoria Times-Colonist, Feb. 7.

Taking the politics out of the wage-setting process will help level the playing field between government and private-sector workers…Doing so would allow all governments (including Ontario’s) to better control spending, rein in debt, and maintain fairness for taxpayers who ultimately foot the bill.
– Fraser Institute knobs Charles Lammam And Ben Eisen, National Post, Feb. 7.

[Thomas] Bach is seen as the villain, the man who first said the IOC would not foot the bill for NHLers.
– Ryan Pyette, London Free Press, Feb. 3.

The Supreme Court of Canada has shut down Ontario’s bid to appeal a $179-million legal loss over miscalculated payments to private-sector power companies, leaving the province and hydro customers to foot the bill.
– Geoff Zochodne, Queen’s Park Briefing, Jan. 30.

The timing of the order and Mr. Trump’s reiterated call for Mexico to foot the bill caused outrage in Mexico.
– Joanna Slater, Globe and Mail, Jan. 26.

Voters overwhelmingly rejected the 0.5 per cent sales tax that would have helped foot the bill for a 10-year, $7.5-billion transit expansion plan.
– Andrew Fifield, Metro, Jan. 18.

You’ve heard the story before – in fact, you’ve likely seen it play out in your own downtown: the oldest buildings in the city; a long history of neglect; and a developer with no incentive to foot the bill for saving heritage.
– Natalie Bull, Hamilton Spectator, Jan. 16.

However, it remains unclear who will foot the bill.
– Alex MacPherson, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Jan. 14.

Ensuring government sector compensation broadly reflects private sector compensation for similar positions can work to that end and maintain fairness for taxpayers who ultimately foot the bill.
– Charles Lammam and Milagros Palacios, Vancouver Sun, Jan. 13.

Leave aside the toxic history of the per-vote subsidy – whose chief past beneficiary, recall, was the Bloc Québécois, who raised next to no funds on their own – or the offensiveness in principle of forcing people to foot the bill for a party to which they may have the most violent personal objections…
– Andrew Coyne, National Post, Jan. 5.

WINNER (TIE): Charles Lammam, Toronto Sun (2 each)

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One comment on ““Foot the bill”
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    I have always wondered what neocons mean by the word “taxpayer.” Yes, it’s someone
    who pays taxes – only, every last person in the country pays taxes. Except, of course,
    the dead. So really, “taxpayers” is a synonym for “breathers” – who ultimately foot ALL
    the bills.

    Plus, I didn’t know that private- and public sectors were in direct competition, so I don’t
    know what a “playing-field” would be, level or not.

    These people are so full of shit.

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