Globe Follies: Is there a copy editor in the house?

–Peggy Ayn Wente, Globe and Mail, Feb. 14, 2017

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4 comments on “Globe Follies: Is there a copy editor in the house?
  1. Stbarnabas says:

    Yeah,it detracts from an otherwise brilliant article.

  2. daveS says:

    Correction 4 days later on Friday 17 February on print page 2.
    ” Due to an editing err, a Tuesday column on the Canada-U.S. businesswomen’s summit contained a mistake. The original sentence read: Perhaps it was Ivanka who persuaded Donald to be on his best behaviour.
    That sentence was incorrectly edited to read: Perhaps it was Ms. Trump who persuaded her husband to be on his best behaviour.”

    So that’s all (alt) right then.

  3. Rosemary444 says:

    ‘The Notorious Peggy Wente’ (Summer 1999 – Ryerson Review of Bad Millennial Journalism’) is an interesting meander through the jasmine in her mind. She stopped growing at age 10 and was painfully shy. I felt pangs of genuine sympathy beginning to form. It quickly passed.

    Interviews for the newsroom shankfest took place when the Globe was under major renovations. There were time-zone clocks on the wall and Marty McFly was furiously banging away on an Olivetti Praxis35 over in the corner.

    “Some reporters are wearing white buttons with “Weak and Hopeless” printed in big black letters. They’re reacting to one of Wente’s memos — now known as the ‘Weak and Hopeless’ memo — which was mysteriously leaked to the newsroom.”

    MEMO: “The Toronto-based national news team… is starved for good reporters. Key beats are uncovered. Other key beats are staffed with hopeless people…. No amount of clever editing or packaging will fix that. The only fix is to hire some top young reporters…. no amount of remedial training, rework, or memo-writing will compensate for a basically weak staff.”

    I ain’t gonna work for
    Maggie’s pa no more
    No, I aint gonna work for
    Maggie’s pa no more
    Well, he puts his cigar out
    In your face just for kicks
    — Maggie’s Farm, Bob Dylan, January 1965

  4. daveS says:

    Still in “Corrections”
    Did Russell Smith make his own errors in the Vanessa Bell at the Dulwich College gallery article on 11 February 2017, or was he sabotaged by Anne McIlroy, “former” Ahrt Kritic for the Globe and Mail who curated the show in south London?

    “Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said Bell took a trip to Paris in 1910. It was actually 1914. Also, her husband’s mistress was Mary Hutchinson, not Mary McCarthy. This is the corrected version.”

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