I’m a Tolerant Man But Don’t Get Me Started!

Now I’ll be the first fella to admit he doesn’t know what’s goin’ on, if and when that time comes.

But something’s happenin’ here, and what it is, to me at any rate, is pretty damn clear.

I see our state-controlled satirists all got their marchin’ orders to poke fun at Kellie Leitch’s stupid video, but why? Not because it was stupid, or even a titch on the long side, but because they can’t stand the truth, no matter how stupid or how long it is!

Mr. Leitch is right: Canadian values are swell, and right up there in my estimation with the values I find at Canadian Tire.

In fact, let’s streamline the immigration process and just ask applicants to identify Sandy McTire. If they don’t want to fit in then they can take their business elsewhere.

Is it intolerant to say we want ’em to be just like us? If you think it is, then pardon me for askin’, but where do you and your people come from?

Meanwhile stateside, the Dumbocrats keep harpin’ on about Russia because if they stop then they’ll have to report the real news for a change, like how Ol’ Trumpy’s put the fear of God in the bad hombres and they’re scramblin’ for their Tijuana Bibles.

Obama, Hillary and the rest of that commie elite won’t rest until they’re back in power, confiscatin’ guns, decriminalizin’ man-on-dog canoodlin’ and eatin’ their so-called pizza.

I’m not sayin’ they’re alien shapeshifters. I’ll leave that to the experts. But this is right outta the Saul Alinsky playbook.

Or so I’ve heard.

Too bad we don’t have a free media anymore in this country. It’s all behind a goddamn paywall. If we did, then I bet more people would come to my senses.

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2 comments on “I’m a Tolerant Man But Don’t Get Me Started!
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Perhaps the Conservative Party should be screened for Canadian values.

  2. OJM says:

    Oh, come on…the only “Saul Alinsky” Dick would know is the guy who owns the deli where he takes the Little woman after bingo. (Although I grant this is not as bad as the time he quoted lines from “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”.)

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