Frank Exxxclusive! Inside the Ottawa Cop Shop Sex Shocker!

Poor Chuck Bordeleau. Bad enough the Ottawa Police cakeboy-in-chief has to weather the ugly Abdirahman Abdi affair, in which much-tatted gangbuster Const. Daniel Montsion stands charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon in the unlucky Somali’s death.

Then Chuckie’s predecessor at 474 Elgin, Sen. Vern White, tees off on Sen. Dandy Don Meredith, pronouncing his honourable colleague’s adventures in youth ministry unquestionably sexual exploitation, contrary to Sec. 153 of the Criminal Code.

“It was sickening and look, I’ve investigated a lot of cases,” quoth former chief Whitey on CTV. “He groomed her for two years. You watch the actions he takes, [and] everything he does is preparing himself for sexual activity with that young lady.”

All of which made the Ottawa Police investigation of the Hon. Rev. Dr. Love, which held up ethics commissar Lyse Ricard‘s own inquiry for four months but ultimately resulted in no charges, all the curiouser.

And speaking of hanky-spanky, how ’bout that senior officer under investigation for a sexual assault allegedly perpetrated six years ago, as reported by the Ottawa Citizen Mar. 6?

“The subject senior officer continues to work and deal with the public while the SIU investigates the sexual assault allegation against him,” wrote Petfinder cop hack Shaamini Yogaretnam. “The Citizen has no knowledge of the nature of the allegation, but is publishing this story in the public interest. However, due to the lack of available information about the allegation, the Citizen, at this time, has chosen not to name the subject officer.”

Just as well, too, as the “subject officer” is none other than Insp. John Medeiros.
A longtime police spokesthingy, heterosexualist and model citizen at large, John was gonged in November by Mayor Jimbo Watson with the Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching, in recognition of his good works with soccer programs for at-risk yout’.

While we’re sure it’s all a huge misunderstanding, the incident is making waves through the top ranks. Three senior officers face a raft of Police Services Act charges (three counts of neglect of duty, three of breach of confidence and two of discreditable conduct), allegedly related to the Medeiros case. For reasons entirely unconnected to their rank, bien sûr, the officers are being examined in exceptional secrecy.

Jimbo, John and Killer

Their hearing began oh-so-quietly with a Sept. 14 in camera appearance. The Professional Standards Section identified them only as “Three members of the Ottawa Police Service,” and the cone of silence is sitting uneasily at the Coppe Shoppe, where speculation about their identities is rampant. Suggestions that one of the three is Deputy Chief Jill Skinner, last seen apologizing for calling her patrol officers “canine fornicators,” are ludicrous in the extreme and have no place in a family magazine. Woof.

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5 comments on “Frank Exxxclusive! Inside the Ottawa Cop Shop Sex Shocker!
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    “Canine fornicators”: surely no offence intended to the hundreds of brave attack dogs who risk their lives to serve and protect, woof, woof.

  2. Rosemary Rich says:

    Aye, ’tis better to give than to police. Flat-foot up your dukes! Ottawa Citizen 3/24/17: “Hamed alleged the officer then asked him: “You think that’s an assault? This is not an assault” and punched him twice in the face….in an emailed statement, Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau said the department is currently reviewing the decision to determine what action will be taken as a result. And the beatings will continue until morale improves.” —

  3. Patrick60 says:

    Life’s a bitch sometimes Jill!

  4. tyrone says:

    Why is Dr. Senator Reverend–you know who..not facing criminal charges?

  5. Stbarnabas says:

    How come not one single member of Ottawa Council ever has one thing to say about the the police force except when they give out awards.That includes you Eli.

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