Steyn Offline: Feline Litigious

Brace yourself, Sheila
Conservative Review TV or CRTV brings together top thought-provoking personalities Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn who will share their knowledge, insightful and powerful ideas, stories and entertainment that cannot be found anywhere on television…. Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top Five jazz recording artist, and a leading Canadian human rights activist [sic]. He is also a popular guest host of The Rush Limbaugh Show. Mark’s writing on politics, arts and culture has been published in almost every major newspaper around the English-speaking world and he has entertained sold-out crowds from the American Midwest to the Australian Outback.
—, Oct, 24, 2016.

My Mother the Car lasted longer!
CRTV’s contract with Mark Steyn Enterprises has ended, and we will no longer be carrying the Mark Steyn Show. CRTV wishes Mr. Steyn and his team the best in their future endeavors.
–CRTV news release, Feb. 27 at 3:43pm

Psychobabble! Qu’est-ce-que c’est!?
This has been a stunning and sobering week for me, with nothing quite like it before in my professional life…. But I can’t really write about what went down when CRTV yanked the rug out from under me last Monday for two reasons: 1) I haven’t yet fully “processed” it, as the psychobabblers say; and 2) it’s a matter of legal dispute….
–Mark Steyn @MarkSteynOnline, Mar. 4, 2017

Oh, stop the bellyaching, ma!
When CRTV fired me, they also left me holding the bag—for February’s payroll and production costs…. I didn’t feel the cameramen and production assistants and musicians and audio engineers should have to suffer because I was stupid enough to get into bed with CRTV. So I absorbed the huge six-figure cost, of everything from the makeup lady in Phoenix to the grand piano rental in Ottawa, and even the cleaning ladies [b]ecause there’s no reason why the cleaning ladies should get screwed over by CRTV.

“A whole other level of mortification”: unemployed man forced to inscribe own bag
But now you can be left holding the bag, too! As part of the promotional merchandise for the show, we ordered up a small number of Mark Steyn Show canvas tote bags, expecting to give away a few here and there over the show’s run. Now the bag has wound up outliving the show. If you’d like a souvenir of my now cancelled show and to help defray the costs of the financial hole CRTV has lowered me into, we’re selling them off…. It’s a whole other level of mortification. We’re pricing them at the cost of a CRTV subscription, which is a little more than a canvas bag usually costs. But in return for your support I’ll hand-number the bags and write a discreet, personalized thank-you message to you on the bag itself.
—Mark Steyn @MarkSteynOnline, ibid.

The return of Tom Joad
Mark Steyn, the best-selling Canadian-American author and musician known for his vociferous criticisms of Islam and the environmental movement, is suing the business that had been paying him to host a daily video series…. The plaintiffs argued that CRTV…ending the program would cause “irreparable harm…” According to Steyn, CRTV refuses to pay for health insurance for anyone working for its website and television operations so he opted to have his show staffers become his employees so that he could provide it to them instead….
—Matthew Sheffield,, Mar. 4, 2017.

A meth-head in his madness
When conservative commentator Mark Steyn sued the company that canceled his new online TV talk show…he said he was doing it for his employees…. It’s bullshit, frankly,” said Mike Young, formerly the show’s site supervisor. “They all hate him….. ” His employees…say Steyn…generally wouldn’t even speak to crew members…and when he did, he verbally abused them. In one case Steyn referred to members of the northern Vermont-based crew, a former employee claimed under oath, as “a bunch of meth-heads….” Steyn had crew members run personal errands, they say, spent CRTV funds on lavish meals and expensive personal purchases, and boasted of the large settlement he planned to extract from the company…. “He never gave a shit about anybody on that staff,” [one] said in an interview. “…He didn’t even know our names….” “Mark Steyn was incredibly disorganized, often did not show up on scheduled production days, and snuck out of the studio so that nobody would know his whereabouts,” another declaration recalls…. When the inevitable hiccups in production occurred, Steyn would berate crew members who say they simply did not know what he wanted. On two occasions, those tirades ended with Steyn firing an employee on the spot…. [Steyn’s] offices were on the second floor of the studio facility, and they say…his spokesperson…instructed crew members not to approach him there—and, when he entered the studio, not to make eye contact….
—Lachlan Markay, Daily Beast, Mar. 14, 2017.

The beat goes on: Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…

Published on Mar 14, 2017
In this episode of The Mark Steyn Show, Mark talks to the man who waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, James E Mitchell. In an extended interview about his new book Enhanced Interrogation, Dr. Mitchell recalls getting to know some of the world’s most high-value terrorists….






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7 comments on “Steyn Offline: Feline Litigious
  1. rumleyfips says:

    Makes you want to cheer for Michael Mann doesn’t it ?

  2. Papadoc says:

    Oh dear, what are Mark’s 62 web followers going to do now, waterboard themselves?

  3. Rosemary444 says:

    Sweet Jesus. Mark Steyn Tote Bags? That’s SO very New Yorker. Zzz. Comes in a selection of hideous earth tones #AltRightMissionaryPositionBeige being the one most likely to bore you to death mid-tote. — Buzzfeed Canada editor Ishmael N. Daro @i4RO on Twitter in 2014: “Let the record show: Mark Steyn is the sort of asshole who sends his own book as a birthday present.” — Frankland Capital Corporation should cut a deal with Steyn to unload his surplus totes in the NEW FRANK STORE alongside the (unused) ‘Byron Muldoon STILL UNINDICTED Mug/Spittoon’ at!

    Whose Steyn Is It Anyway?!


  4. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Interesting that he doesn’t plan to pay the technicians who did the work,

  5. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Sorry, went off prematurely.

  6. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Though I don’t think they’ll see a penny.

  7. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Note to commenters: Never comment on the fly.

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