“(Twas) ever/always thus”

But on the political side, we have seen the usual buck-passing: “The widereaching need for improved infrastructure – like housing, community centres, and fire protection services – is a result of years of chronic underfunding,” Bennett told Postmedia in December. ‘Twas ever thus.
– Chris Selley, National Post, Mar. 3.

After all, the premier gets part of his salary from these donations. And it’s the premier’s office that whips MLAs like Cox into voting along party lines – whether they or their constituents support the policy or not. It has been ever thus and doesn’t seem to be changing.
– Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader-Post, Feb. 3.

The domestic sphere reverberates when it’s natural a woman run the health ministry but novel when she is in charge of foreign affairs. And it rings loudly when we’re expected to accept that women’s issues and the minister responsible for them are somehow lesser than what the paper looks like when we cast our ballots. Why? Twas ever thus. But that doesn’t mean it ever thus must be.
– Ashley Csanady, National Post, Jan. 12.

‘Twas ever thus. The pressure. Back in 2011, after five straight golds and a spectacular silver, there was a belief that Canada just came up big in big moments, that it was just part of the country’s DNA.
– Bruce Arthur, Toronto Star, Jan. 5.

Oh, the hangover. This country was wooed, smitten and seduced. Canada’s Casanova could do no wrong. He pranced, danced, preened, tossed his bangs and touched his heart. His approval ratings soared above 60%. The nation sighed and batted its eyes. It was always thus, in romance as in politics. Every woman has been there, so I’m told. Good-looking dude in a skinny suit hits on her in a hip bar, coos all the right things in her ear, wines, dines and beds her – and next morning he’s gone and so is her purse.
– Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun, Nov. 29.

Bleakly, twas ever thus: Colonialism is many things, none of them good, and cultural identity being defined by a dominant, usually European other is one of its imposingly ugly pillars.
– Murray Whyte, Toronto Star, Oct. 30, 2016.

Anti-Olympic protests have been rampant. On Friday, the Olympic torch run – initiated by Nazi Germany, keep in mind – was diverted from its route to avoid clashing with demonstrators. Thursday evening, an un-Games concert was staged in a cavernous abandoned hall called the “Big Saucer.”
It has been ever thus, from the spoilsports and the activists, Vancouver six years ago no less.
– Rosie DiManno, Toronto Star, Aug. 6.

I don’t want to be seen mocking statisticians as good at math but without the personality to be accountants. Especially not now. But it is hard to imagine a less menacing bunch than the geeks at Statistics Canada, whom I have always found obliging when seeking data on deadline. They wield spreadsheets in cubicles, not pistols in dank secret police HQ basements. Yet there they are, demanding the power to compel compliance, avoid scrutiny, even run their own computers to avoid depending on their wretched colleagues for tech support. ‘Twas ever thus in the executive branch
– John Robson, National Post, Aug. 2.

The senate is not above flexing its muscles and, you know, ’twas ever thus. We argue over its credibility and its legitimacy, but I think, you know, if, if Trudeau’s reforms are, are to have any credibility themselves, this thing has to play itself out and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it.
– Tonda MacCharles, The Scrum, CTV, June 12.

WINNER (TIE): National Post, Toronto Star (3 each)

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