“Drill down”

Manitoba could drill down into the data, Katz suggested, and figure out in low-dose prescription cases whether quetiapine was the first drug prescribed by a doctor or whether the script was written after other drugs and therapies failed.
– Jane Gerster, Winnipeg Free Press, Apr. 6.

[T]he base level of Canadian oil producer Crescent Point Energy’s 2017 plan is $52 oil. That said, the number is even more impressive when we drill down and see what it covers.
– Matthew DiLallo, The Motley Fool, Mar. 30.

Mr. Pasalis, who established his real estate business on Queen Street East, says he was prompted to drill down into the statistics because so little data on the amount of speculative activity in the market is available from government sources.
– Carolyn Ireland, Globe and Mail, Mar. 22.

The headline across the continent this week was, “Europe Breathes a Sigh of Relief.” Common sense and the ‘centrist’ Dutch prime minister had survived. But drill down just a little and a different picture emerges.
– Robin Sears, Toronto Star, Mar. 17.

Social media, websites and the Internet have changed legal marketing for the better from the consumer standpoint. They can now drill down into the profession deeper than they ever could.
– Jim Middlemiss, Canadian Lawyer, Mar. 6.

The first thing many investors notice about this deal is the size difference. Hudson’s Bay has a market cap of $1.9 billion. Macy’s has a market cap of more than US$10.5 billion. How can a company afford to take over such a larger rival? And why would it? Once we drill down a little bit, this deal doesn’t look quite so odd. Here’s the thought process behind it.
– Nelson Smith, The Motley Fool, Feb. 3.

[Canadians] enjoy happiness levels that exceed that of people living in 150 other countries, including the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Sweden. However, when we drill down into the state of well-being in Canada, we find some disturbing trends.
– R. Michael Warren, London Free Press, Jan. 20.

Amazon’s original series are given main play on [Amazon Prime], but there is also a selection of movies and older TV series. However, once you drill down, the movie selection is really quite small, even compared to the much-maligned Canadian Netflix library.
– Raju Mudhar, Toronto Star, Dec. 14.

It is not a coincidence that the Canadian north is far more violent than any other province or state in either Canada or the U.S. When you drill down into the regional numbers for provinces like Saskatchewan, or look at the different neighbourhoods in Winnipeg, you see a similar picture on a smaller scale.
– Scott Gilmore, Maclones, Nov. 25.

Political staff in Ottawa take the data game seriously; the Liberals’ ability to drill down on riding-by-riding information is credited as one of the keys to their historic victory last year.
– Alex Boutilier, Toronto Star, Nov. 24.

[The General Insurance Ombudservice is] encouraging customers to drill down into the wording of their policies so they understand what’s in them.
– David Thurton, CBC, Nov. 15.

The [Jim] Messina method is to use social media and other services to compile some 700 data points on voters, drill down to identify potential supporters of a given position, then use the digital realm to deliver a tailor-made message to that particular customer.
– Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun, Nov. 7.

At city hall, the audit committee agreed with Auditor General Beverly Romeo-Beehler’s recommendation that the TTC drill down into the numbers to find out which departments are prone to absenteeism and look for patterns.
– Philip Lee-Shanok, CBC, Oct. 29.

The data doesn’t drill down to these specifics, but it would be interesting to know how many of these stops for suspicious or criminal activities ended up in charges.
– Joanne Chianello, CBC, Oct. 25.

But while imposing a price cap on universities and other post-secondaries may be a temptingly populist and simple solution to the challenge of rising tuition rates, the problem isn’t that easily solved. Drill down into tuition numbers and the story starts to change.
– Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal, Oct. 24.

Nearly nine of every 10 supervisors in the B.C. government are women, according to its 2016 workforce profile. But, only 46 per cent are senior managers. Drill down further and only slightly more than a third of the deputy ministers and senior executives are women. In “strategic leadership,” only four in 10 are women.
– Daphne Bramham, Vancouver Sun, Oct. 16.

The benefits of exercise are widely accepted, but exactly how that works is not as well understood. The VGF research is helping scientists to drill down to better understand the benefits running produced in mice.
– Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 11.

While it is all well and good to ask Canadians to go online and assist Goodale’s ministry in helping to define security measures, let’s be real about what it really is. It’s nothing more than a public-relations exercise to give the unjaded the impression of inclusive politics, not as a tool to drill down on policy.
– Mark Bonokoski, Toronto Sun, Sept. 8.


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