“Architectural gem”

The Jacques Cartier Bridge is the opposite of ugly. The 87-year-old steel truss cantilever bridge spanning the St. Lawrence River is an architectural gem, and some design purists think it’s a crime to dress it up at all.
– Konrad Yakabuski, Globe and Mail, May 20.

They were the ornate designs of another age. Fire, commercial development and urban planning have forever altered the skyline and streetscape of the nation’s capital, and many, if not most, of the architectural gems that were once commonplace in Ottawa are long gone.
– Danny Globerman, CBC, May 20.

But over the past few years, she’s witnessed church boards struggling to maintain these architectural gems as they explore how to keep the doors open all year with dwindling resources.
– Brenda Suderman, Winnipeg Free Press, May 20.

Electric current and chip technology has replaced rope-pulling at Saint Patrick’s, a 19th-century architectural gem tucked away in a nondescript patch of the city’s downtown.
– Bertrand Marotte, United Church Observer, May 1.

After Assumption Church’s closure, the parish took up new quarters in what was Holy Name of Mary Church, itself an architectural gem, if somewhat younger, located just several blocks away.
– Ron Stang, Catholic Register, Apr. 16.

Instead of making your way straight to Prague, stop in Vienna where the city centre is like a walk back in time. Just about every building here is an architectural gem, and make sure you take the time to visit some nearby palaces.
– Barry Choi, MoneySense, Apr. 13.

The buildings are best known as being home to two bars: the Black Horse Pub on George St. and the Pig’s Ear Tavern around the corner on Brock St. Together they bookend the larger, beautifully preserved Morrow Building, one of downtown’s architectural gems.
– Editorial, Peterborough Examiner, Apr. 5.

A 17th-century Italian monastery, which underwent several transformations over the years, has evolved into a spacious villa… The passion of the Australian owners, who love this part of the world, gave life to this architectural gem, which has an abundance of decorative detailing and a thoughtful layout. Every element fits the enviable and luminous setting.
– Claudia Schiera, National Post, Mar. 14.

One of Toronto’s architectural gems could be yours — all for a $1 bid. Grand columns frame the old Bank of Toronto building at 205 Yonge St., which has been vacant for some 15 years. Its owner, Thomas Farrell, had been in negotiations with a new buyer last month, but those talks have since fallen through.
– CBC, Mar. 4.

There’s a lively current of art and industry running through Glasgow which is blessed with a great manufacturing history and home to the famous Glasgow School of Art. The past is very much there. Indeed, the Hunterian Art Gallery has gone so far as to recreate the interior of architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s home, which was demolished in the early 1960s. Yet while there are plenty of them, and row upon row of Victorian homes and art nouveau architectural gems, the city itself is no museum.
– Tabatha Southey, Globe and Mail, Jan. 19.

The Scotiabank Saddledome, once an architectural gem of an arena, is nearing retirement.
– Allan Maki and Carrie Tait, Globe and Mail, Jan. 13.

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