Bonjour, World! It’s Me! Sophie!

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2 comments on “Bonjour, World! It’s Me! Sophie!
  1. daveS says:

    The poor children have no shoes, and Dophie wears leather boots at home in this photo!!
    And is Ella-Grace (Don’t-Mention-her-Middle-Name) already on drugs with that strange stare. We’ll give the benefit of the doubt to an over-flash friendly cameraperson.

    And the Canadian Press credited photo is from several years ago: “The kids play with lightsabers in a Montreal hotel room as the election results roll in on Oct. 19, 2015.” So it must have been very late at night waiting for the (Yawn!!!) Yukon results. Poor kids.

  2. daveS says:

    Where o`where is the trip to the G7 and the Vatican?
    The mobs are waiting for her insight to Teresa May and Angela Merkel’s dance patterns and fashion sense.
    In the Vatican was she advised by the Jessica (Brownstein) Mulroney on the right ‘weeds’ to wear?

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