Speak Wet! French Immersion at the Corpse

The CBC Ottawa coverage of the devastating floods in the National Capital Region last weekend included video shot from a helicopter, but since space in the chopper was limited, only a French-speaking Radio-Canada reporter was on board to supply commentary. That didn’t go down well with some Corpse viewers:

Ashley Shody  U would expect the reporter who is filming working at cbc ottawa to learn English like we’re. Being told to learn French he should learn English

Laura Hartwell · English please!!!!

Susan Allgrove-McCarty · Horrible for the people that live there. Devastating for sure. On another note, maybe the flooding will sweep away Trudeau’s house with him in it!

Cheryle Callison Gardner · Did Trudeau save any money to help Canadians ???????or did he give it all away ??? We will have to wait and see , I guess

Sherri Gelmici · Why is this being broadcast in French, about Ottawa? Just curious!

Steve Kendall · If trudeau gives them as much aid or thought as he gave fort McMurray they will all drown

Ron Baker · If my people will turn from their WICKED ways, I will hear from heaven, & heal their LAND. TRY TRUDUMB FOR TREASON, DEPORT MONSEF AND SECURE CANADA’S BOARDERS! !!

Deb Flaherty · Speak english

Anas Hamed · This french language is such a headache. Im out of here!

Bren MacDonald J · Get those refugees out there to clean up

Cheryle Callison Gardner · ENGLISH. This is CANADA

Ashley Shody · OK so ur reporter.can only.talk french ….why not make room for English …..but there we go french wanting to be on their own again so let them deal with this 🙂

Susan Allgrove-McCarty · What time do the Oiler’s play today/tonight?


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12 comments on “Speak Wet! French Immersion at the Corpse
  1. OJM says:

    They’ll be putting French on cereal boxes next, which will make the instructions even more difficult to follow.

  2. daveS says:

    Equal time for the Algonquian language, please.

    And the comments show you that there is no censorship at the CBC, all bigots are treated fairly.

  3. daveS says:

    The amazing Cheryle Callison Gardner above, has a windmill pump in her garden in Fort St. John, northern BC, so she is not worried about Gatineau-Ottawa rivers flooding.

  4. daveS says:

    And Sherri Gelmici is a wonderful Back-to-Dick-and-Jane primer reader advocate from St. Albert, Edmonton, Alberta where she can see the overflowing Ottawa River from.

    Thanks FrankMag for showing that Canada has busybodies everywhere in the nation.

  5. snowden says:

    Interesting. Susan Allgrove-McCarty’s Facebook page says she works for the Alberta Government, and has this lovely bit on her page: “Nice work Town of Canmore! You bunch of f@#*ing retards!”

    • daveS says:

      And Susan Allgrove-McCarty’s polite comments are about the timing of digging up Main Street ( 8th Street) this month in Canmore.
      (Because Banff is a federal regulated town in the National Park, there is a restriction on how many can live there in Banff, capping the town’s population at 10,000. So any spillover or ‘extra’ people have to move to the nearest town outside the Park, and that is the marvelous village of Canmore. With a population of 13,077 in the 2014 municipal census, Canmore is the ninth-largest town in Alberta.)
      Canmore is also highly sprawled and it takes over one and a half hours to traverse by foot.

    • Bunyak says:

      What’s wrong with the public service reflecting the population?

  6. Patrick60 says:

    Just goes to show that Kelly Leitch could get a lot of people to vote for her. Bigotted outraged morons are becoming a significant demographic, sadly.

  7. daveS says:

    Laura Hartwell went to Ernest Manning High School, in Calgary. But she saw the light and moved to Ottawa.

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