Frank Audit: Greenbacking at the Fraser Institute

On the subject of supremely torqued partisan bullshit, we direct your attention to Linda Frum, the Stephen Harper senator, currently promoting the Elections Act “loophole” hysteria.

According to Frum the end is nigh as the Iran-Saudi Arabia-China axis-of-evil is about to flood loadsofdough into Canadian pinko lefty groups, thus destroying our nation’s great democratic system, woof, woof, quack, quack.

This, of course, is the same dead nag dragged out of the Tory glue factory last month by Frum chum Joan Crockatt, the former Calgary Centre MP claiming that “millions in foreign funds” were spent to knock off President Steve in the last federal election.

Even the Globe and Minion got in on the act, editorializing that obscure left-wing groups had a hand in Harper’s demise.

Neglected in all the sucking and blowing was any mention of how Harper and his National Citizens Coalition went all the way to the Supreme Court in 2004 to try to reduce limits on third party election financing.

Apparently the Tories are OK with outside election funding–just as long as it doesn’t come from Commie environmentalists like the Tides Foundation, which supports anti-oil sands boo-birding.

Curiously, in all this, the Fraser Institute, that beloved Tory spin shop, goes greatly unmentioned, despite the fact the Frasers have for years been financed by US money, as revealed in their annual IRS form 990 filings.

Among the West Coast folderol factory’s most prominent American donors have been the ubiquitous Brothers Koch, who awarded the Frasers $500,000 to rubbish climate science. They also received $175,000 in funding from Koch foundations between 2005-2008.

In 2014, while environmental groups nationwide underwent colonoscopies from CRA, the Frasers, the most politically bent non-profit in Canada, scored $11.94 million in revenue and issued $5.38 mil in tax receipts for donations. They also raked in $3.67 mil from other tax-exempt ‘charities.’

And while the Frasers demand to know every penny every First Nations poobah pockets, CRA doesn’t require them to reveal the eye-popping salaries of their own top brass.

But as previously mentioned, in order to enjoy the largesse of the Kochs and other U.S. sugar daddies, the FI must file a Form 990 with the IRS, which requires considerably more disclosure than does the CRA.

According to their 2015 returns, the Frasers total revenue of $7,674,859 was down from the previous year’s $11,369,260.

That didn’t prevent the humble charity’s top earners from trousering $1.29 mil between them. They are:

Niels Veldhuis, president: $291,259
Jason Clemens, Exec. VP: $260,301
David Cater, CFO/Treasurer: $101,933
Kenneth Green, Director, Centre for Natural Resources: $145,789
John Maus, Director of Development: $154,730
Charles Lammam – Director Fiscal Studies: $119,851
Fred McMahon – Director: $111,044 (2013: $200,027)
Lisa-Diane Fortier – Director of Education Programs: $111,690

Business “Consultants”:
– Steane Consulting (former Ontario Premier Duffer Harris, prop.): $119,000
Joel Emes, Vancouver: $93,226
Alexander Zakharyonok: $82,488

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4 comments on “Frank Audit: Greenbacking at the Fraser Institute
  1. rumleyfips says:

    $500,000 ? I’m sure I can get people to lie for less than that.

  2. Papadoc says:

    And I’d still like to know how much of the devout Libertarian Koch’s money circuitously found its way into devout Libertarian Maxime Bernier’s trousers. Mad Max’s failed campaign quickly raised an impressive amount of funding for such an unheralded twat. Suspicious!

  3. Stbarnabas says:

    Charity Intelligence says the average salary at Fraser is $134,000. Not bad for a supposed philanthropic institution. When will the CRA get around to cancelling Its charitable status?

  4. OJM says:

    They must be doing well if they can afford an in-house golf instructor.

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