Saint Joan of the Ballot Box vs. the Foreign-Funded Radicals

Just when it seemed the National Post had scraped the bottom of the fake news barrel (“Why I hate my uncle, by Adolf Hitler’s nephew”—May 8, 2017), along comes Joan Crockatt with a story so bogus it would do Fox News proud.

Readers will recall Crockatt as the ex-managing editor of the Calgary Herald and short-serving Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre.

Sadly, in the 2015 running of the reptiles, Joanie was defeated by Kent Hehr by a mere 750 votes, an occasion that has since been immortalized by Liberal vulgarians as the night “Joanie lost by a Kent Hehr.”

There was, however, no joy at Frankland Capital Corporation, where Crockatt had become a reliable target as winner of Frank’s Worst Member of Parliament Award in 2015.

Who can forget the time she aborted her walkabout in Calgary’s Pride Parade, just ahead of organizers banning her?

The shirtlifters were much pissed that Crockatt had voted against Bill C-279, nicknamed the “bathroom bill” by Crockatt’s fellow howler monkeys on the Tory backbenches.

Crockatt claimed she’d only voted against the bill on advice from her friends at Egale Canada because it didn’t offer enough protection to our dear trannies.

The gay rights group immediately called bullshit: “To use consultation with us as an explanation of [her] vote against the bill [was] a complete misrepresentation.”

Speaking of misrepresentations, Joanie’s had a few. Like the time Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi called her on a nosestretcher when she claimed the city had been left sucking the pipe on infrastructure lolly from the feds only because they hadn’t applied for any. Nenshi noted that Calgary had in fact made three applications for Building Canada fund pork, two of which had already been rejected and the third, er, pending.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps she should get a fact-checker in place,” quoth Nenshi.

Crockatt’s distant relationship with the realité goes way back to her days as the staggeringly unpopular ME of the Calgary Herald, where survivors vividly recall her sacking one poor sap just before Christmas, then showing up at his dreary goodbye party, pretending he was retiring and delivering a baffling speech praising his years of service and fine work.

Joanie’s latest flim flammery showed up in Postmedia papers this week under the headline: “Millions in foreign funds spent in 2015 federal election to defeat Harper government, report alleges.”

The “report,” a complaint filed last week by a public-spirited organization called Canada Decides, claimed that NGOs from the US “worked with each other” to bypass Canada’s election spending limits to promote candidates least resembling President Steve and his flunkies.

The foreign money allegedly came from $1.5 million in donations via the US-based Tides Foundation, and some of the dough went to Leadnow, a commiepinko activist organization.

This “exclusive” story was obtained by Licia Corbella, a longtime Calgary Sun/Herald alt.right typist and Joanie crony who once claimed that Glee actor Cory Monteith’s overdose death in 2013 came about because he “had a gofer” get drugs for him at Vancouver’s safe injection site (an assertion immediately shat upon by Vancouver’s chief medical officer.)

The fact that Crockatt’s complaint found its way to Corbella had some cynical hacks suspicious that the Herald helped Joanie with the concoction of the complaint.

True or no, there’s certainly a whiff to the whole exercise.

For instance, Canada Decides, Crockatt’s organization, doesn’t have a website, their complaint isn’t posted anywhere and one of three directors (Crockatt is another) is Chad Hallman, a second year student at the University of Toronto.

Shurely Chad isn’t the son of Alan Hallman, the longtime Tory operative who was arrested and charged with assault near the Alberta Tory leadership convention last March.

Père Hallman, who had been a “field organizer” for Jason Kenney, had been expelled from the party in January.

His bona fides also include a stint during the federal election as campaign manager for, er, Joan Crockatt.


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4 comments on “Saint Joan of the Ballot Box vs. the Foreign-Funded Radicals
  1. OJM says:

    She lost her seat running as a Conservative incumbent…to a Liberal…in Calgary Centre.

    Shouldn’t that get her a Canadian Heritage Moment and a special commemorative stamp?

  2. Nete Peedham says:

    A big howl in Calgary occurs when right-wing wannabe yanks in Calgary claim that the Calgary Herald is a “liberal” newspaper.

  3. OJM says:

    Wicked foreign-funded radicals queered the results in Joanie’s riding by explaining the concept of strategic voting to its residents, thereby allowing the will if the anti-CPC majority to prevail? I am appalled…at least I think so…on second thought, it could be that brie I found at the back of the fridge.

  4. daveS says:

    Except that “strategic voting” has been shown mathematically not to have worked in the last federal election.
    So its all “foreign money” to a few misguided college students for a part-time whinge with supposed power through the non-existent ‘power-lines’ of the social-media/twitterings/intertubes.

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