J-Source: Taste the Rainbow

There is a serious lack of diversity among the winners of the National Newspaper Awards
–@jsource, May 14, 2017.



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8 comments on “J-Source: Taste the Rainbow
  1. OJM says:

    A fair point…ink-stained wretches of colour ought to be reasonably represented among the former court reporters, animal story specialists and op-ed page Hindenburgs who inhabit Canada’s J-Skool Sinecureland.

  2. Forbes Kennedy says:

    What’s white and whiter and read all over?

  3. Observer says:

    Actually quite diverse…two with greyish hair, one brunette, one blonde, one bald. Also two female and three male. Sufficiently diverse for me…at least if quality rather than diversity is the important criterion.

  4. OJM says:

    Plainly, it is time for Frank to establish its own set of national cage-liner awards…”The Crustys”, perhaps?

    Possible categories…”Most Idiotic Editorial Written Under Duress After a Call From Head Office”…”Most Column Inches Handed Over to Some Washed-Up Political Operator the Ruling Class Can’t Get Enough Of”…”Most Disturbing Story on Transgressive Breastfeeding”…

  5. tyrone says:

    someone should appropriate their whiteness….

  6. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Minorities already do. It’s called “getting a job.”

  7. Patrick60 says:

    Mr. Cole would be there if he and the Star hadn’t er, chosen promising new career opportunities.

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