Blow Me, Comey–President’s Orders!

I always knew Mr. Trump would be vindicated – of this, that, and the other things we don’t know about – but it’s good to hear it confirmed, and straight from the horse’s Trump!

Here the libbies and Demoncrats were thinkin’ Jimmy Comey takin’ the stand would make for the best television since Sullivan went off the air.

Were they ever wrong – as wrong as the day is dumb! Because not only could Comey not hold a candle to Swamp People, even with the sound off, but Sullivan wasn’t even that good most weeks.

Ask yourself, what else have they conveniently forgotten, if they forgot about Topo Gigio?

And Comey, he’s nothin’ but a turncoat, straight off the rack at The Bay.

There’s the President of the free world and the next, tellin’ him he expects loyalty, and what does Comey do but run straight to the Senate and call him a liar. You had one job, Mr. Comey, and you blew it!

The man’s out of work, ain’t he? Does he think he’s gonna get a good reference now? So he’s stupid as well as not trustworthy.

And speakin’ of stupid, we need to talk about Britain.

In case your cable’s been out they just had an election that nearly put Jihadi Jeremy in office, and I don’t mean a psychiatrist’s.

I understand folks gettin’ mad about the way things are, what with all the taxes, red-tape and foreigners. But why take it out on the Tories? They’re not perfect – they’re not UKIP – but until that Mr. Farage takes another kick at the continent’s can o’ worms they’re the best the Brits got.

But it appears a few million screwheads too good for the tabloids got their signals crossed and voted Labour.

That’s the problem with democracy: too many people. Fingers crossed Mrs. May gets another shot to do something about that.

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