“Deep dive”

[Maclean’s] Writer Anne Kingston did a deep dive into fresh time-use data from Statistics Canada and found that “women perform far more housework and childcare than their male partners.”
– Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail, June 17.

His initial idea was to identify the 10 greatest teams in history. But what he figured would be a two-week project turned into an 11-year deep dive into the inner workings of dynasties.
– Dave Feschuk, Toronto Star, June 16.

In a deep dive into the transfer of Canadian publisher McClelland & Stewart to Random House of Canada (RHC) via the University of Toronto, author [Elaine] Dewar charged that the late Avie Bennett, who had rescued M&S in the 1980s, recouped his investment by circumventing national ownership rules.
– Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail, June 16.

The Globe and Mail’s Kathy Tomlinson was also nominated for her series on shadow flipping, which exposed dubious real estate practices in British Columbia. Ms. Tomlinson’s series – which launched with a deep dive into the practice of middlemen using a contract assignment clause as a loophole to maximize profits on houses they are flipping…
– Globe and Mail, June 14.

This year, some of the [Polaris nominees include] Drake, Leonard Cohen, Arkells, Mac DeMarco, Carly Rae Jepsen, New Pornographers, the Sadies and John K. Samson. Here is Maclean’s by-the-numbers deep dive at what we can discern from this year’s long list.
– Michael Barlay, Macleans, June 13.

And Politico has a deep-dive on how to get more women to run for office.
– Chris Hannay, Mayaz Alam, James Keller, Globe and Mail, June 13.

The central bank releases its deep dive on vulnerabilities across Canada’s financial system later this morning. Mortgage debt is sure to factor prominently.
– Noah Zivitz, BNN, June 8.

Businesses around the world who have Canadians on their email distribution lists should take a deep dive into the composition of those lists…
– Chad Finkelstein, Financial Post, June 5.

[St-Hubert] is a fantastic brand that has customer loyalty rates like no other restaurant with the exception of Tim Hortons. In a previous piece, I took a deep dive into St-Hubert and went into detail on the true power of the brand in Quebec.
– Joey Frenette, The Motley Fool, May 25.

In the latest Report on Business Magazine, reporter Christine Dobby takes a deep dive into Guy Laurence [sic] short-lived tenure as CEO of Rogers.
– Arik Ligeti, Globe and Mail, May 25.

The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission, the RCMP’s watchdog agency, released Monday the results of a deep dive into the force’s policies and practices, and concluded the Mounties are incapable of policing themselves.
– Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star, May 15.

A city whose average-ness makes it a perfect Canadian test market for consumer products, London is living up to its reputation in the latest deep-dive into what the national census says about who makes up Canada.
– Hank Daniszewski, London Free Press, May 3.

It’s impossible to understate how groundbreaking a film Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was on its initial release in 1960…“the first modern expression of the female body under assault,” as filmmaker Karyn Kusama perfectly describes it, one of the many notable filmmakers, scholars, and fans collected to take us on a deep dive into Psycho in the documentary 78/52 (named after the 78 camera setups and 52 cuts in the shower scene), which is basically required viewing for film geeks.
– Jesse Hawken, Angela Murreda, The Torontoist, May 3.

WINNER: Globe and Mail (5)
RUNNER-UP: Toronto Star (2)

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