Dimitri Soudas Keeps On Pluggin’

He’s baaa-aack! Much incredulous laughter at news that Dimitri Soudas has transferred his much-transferred loyalties to Ontario PC head boy Patrick Brown.

“Dimitri will be volunteering his time and will be providing campaign advice leading up to and during the election,” Anonymous Party Source told iPolitics’ Janice Dickson, the arrangement suggesting that our boy is getting his snout in for a post-election earner with Premier Paddy.

Nobody would dispute the onetime President Steve spokesliar has got the requisite time on his hands. Tastefully airbrushed website aside, Dimitri’s adventures in the lobby biz as principal of the Stampede Group have apparently failed to keep the velcro-topped fabulist in the style to which he had perhaps inadvisedly grown accustomed.

It’s yet another effortless change of stripe for the Hellenic hobgoblin, “a man of successive sincerities,” as Adrienne Clarkson once said of scheming uniped Lucien Bouchard.

Dimitri is all in until he’s out, loyal to a default. At his going-away party hosted by Harper at 24 Sussex in June 2011, PMO commsthingsy Dimitri stood on the staircase and gave his wife Elizabeth and kids special thanks. Cradling their newborn daughter in his arms, he told the assembly he couldn’t have made it without his wife’s undying support. “Now it’s my turn to give back to you.” A month later, he moved in with nutbar Tory MP Eve Adams (Franks passim).

This sudden fugue of amour fou came with a distinct whiff of premeditation. He’d seemingly been working on an exit plan for months. That spring, shortly after he landed his new Canadian Olympic Committee gig in Toronto, Dimitri had suggested to Elizabeth that they sell their home in Aylmer and move into her parents’ home until they found something in Toronto.

But now it was all about Eve, forever and ever, amen. The thick-and-thinning Dimitri stood by his beloved, from the Tory nomination shitshow in Oakville-Burlington North, his podunk interference in which saw him turfed as the party’s executive director, to their subsequent defection to the Trudeau Liberals.

This too was, we learned, all about loyalty. Dimitri told the Huffington Post‘s Althia Raj, he was “madly in love,” and “the choice was clear: Stand with the woman whose hand I’ll be holding when I’m an old fart.”

But before you could say “Greek on Wheels,” that lifelong commitment had also expired. These days, he’s back with Liz and the kids, forever and ever, amen.

But je digresse. Congrats to Team Brown for yet another bril’ hire.

John Mykytyshyn is 103.

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3 comments on “Dimitri Soudas Keeps On Pluggin’
  1. Forbes Kennedy says:

    Return of the doll-head.

  2. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    Now I’m beginning to think Wynne’s Liberals actually have a chance.

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