“Here’s the thing”

Here’s the thing: although [Mariah Carey] became a star in the 90s with power ballads and pop hits, she’s evolved into an adventurous R&B artist whose most compelling material is primarily slow-to-mid-tempo jams.
– Kevin Ritchie, NOW Magazine, Aug. 25.

Here’s the thing. If you had Patrice Bergeron or Tyler Seguin or that Subban-basher Sidney Crosby, sure then put them in the No. 1 centre spot. But as I and so many others have been saying for a couple of years, Montreal has nothing down the middle. Nada.
– Brendan Kelly, Montreal Gazette, Aug. 25.

But here’s the thing most Ontarians don’t have any kind of emergency savings and no way to cope with an unexpected expense except by taking on more debt.
– Joanne Schnurr, CTV, Aug. 8.

Here’s the thing: B.C.’s carbon tax is ineffective, but it’s expensive.
– Todd Mackay, Canadian Taxpayers’ Fed, Winnipeg Free Press, Aug. 2.

But here’s the thing: The lab tests finally came back and it turned out that the powder seized by police wasn’t actually fentanyl.
– Gary Dimmock, Ottawa Citizen, Aug. 1.

Here’s the thing about Portugal, most places are pretty cheap to eat.
– Barry Choi, MoneySense, July 25.

Here’s the thing
about honesty — it’s clearer than vague discomfort, and it shows respect for everyone involved.
– Ellie Tesher, Toronto Star, July 24.

Flexibility is one of the new talking points for Airbnb lobbyists. But here’s the thing: cities are already flexible. Airbnb is doing best in markets where rental accommodation is scarce and housing prices are sky-high.
– Lis Pimentel and Ulrike Rodriguez, Vancouver Sun, July 20.

But here’s the thing: The good times can’t last. I’m not being bearish here, nor am I making any forecasts about where the stock and bond markets are heading.
– Dan Bortolotti, Globe and Mail, July 18.

Here’s the thing: BCE pays just about a 5% yield every year. The company distributes $2.88 a year in dividends.
– Jacob Donnelly, The Motley Fool, July 17.

For thirty years many Canadians have chowed down on the delicious goodness found at a Jimmy the Greek restaurant. Here’s the thing — there really is a Jimmy, he’s from Greece and those dishes that are a delight are steeped in family recipes.
– Rita Demontis, Toronto Sun, July 13.

But here’s the thing: unlike most spaces where advertising appears, social media isn’t bound by the same jurisdictional limitations.
– Deirdra Dionne, CBC, July 6.

None is a superstar or even a TV star, but several have good careers chugging along on the comedy circuits. Each has their own style and yet, they overlap, in a way. Here’s the thing – almost all of them do material about air travel and fast food.
– John Doyle, Globe and Mail, July 4.

But here’s the thing: It’s relatively easy and painless for businesses to pledge their allegiance to the Paris climate accord.
– Joe Arvai, Globe and Mail, July 3.


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