Y’know, since the day we got the Axis sorted I’ve pegged the UN as nothin’ but a big joke, so it’s great to see a U.S. president finally stand up an’ prove me right!

Anybody who still doubted Mr. Trump was made of the right stuff just got their ass handed to ’em for free, because Mexico’s gonna pay for it, you can count on it.

He’s put North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and half of the world’s other wiener countries on notice: ya mess with the bull, ya get the bullshit artist. It’s not a shootin’ war yet, but brother he’s shootin’ the shit, which is more than Obama ever did!

Admittedly I wasn’t thrilled that he called Lil’ Kim “Rocket Man” because that just gives attention to Elton John, and at least since “Crocodile Rock” that just raises red flags for me.

I would have preferred a Spike Jones or Kay Kyser reference myself, but I understand how his communications people want his message about the imminent threat or promise of nuclear war to get across to the young people with their eyes and ears glued to their Much Musics an’ Gameboys.

And by the way, hurricanes can blow me.

I lived through Hazel, both the storm and that goddamn TV show starrin’ Shirley Booth, and kids today have no idea how bad things called Hazel can be.

And this year’s storms have been so bad the global warmin’ hoax gets more fuel for its fire, just like with real fuel and real fire. That’s the worst part of all these tragedies: morons won’t shut up!

Anyhow, I think we all better dig deep an’ help out the Caribbean so those poor folks don’t get the bright idea of movin’ north. I wouldn’t even wish that on Montreal. They’re hip-deep in Haitians as is.

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