The Corpse: Game of Drones

Whatever happened to the race to replace CBC president Hubie Lacroix?

Candidates had been queuing up like lemmings on a cliff, eager to take the helm of the doomed state broadcaster.

But then along came the selection committee of Eminent Canadians™ and they’ve been so slow to get their act together they they’ve had to ask Hubie to stay on for the foreseeable future.

The committee, headed by Tom Clark, the former CTV Ken doll, planned to have a new president in place by Jan 1. But sources say they haven’t even whittled down to a short list.

The pretenders include Glenn O’Farrell, current head of TFO, francophone sister ship to TVOntario. O’Farrell has all the qualifications: Tons of experience, impeccable connections, fluently bilingual. Alas, middle-aged white guys aren’t in fashion and poor Glenn will undoubtedly get pipped at the post.

Alex Johnston, CBC VP of strategy and public affairs, has taken herself out of the running. The veteran Liberal operative and daughter of beloved Gov.-Gen. David Whathisname, Alex was always a long shot. (She’s a chum of Justin Trudeau marionettes Gerry Butts and Katie Telford from their Queen’s Park days, so she prudently withdrew and threw her support behind the CBC’s head sushi eater, Heather Conway.)

Whoopsie! Turns out Conway never submitted her name ( and now regrets it. But her chances were always slim. She’s got little French and the PMO won’t risk another uproar in Quebec after the recent tin-eared Melanie Joly fiasco over Netflix funding.

That leaves Lisa “Call of” DeWilde, TVO supremo for the past 12 years and who, like O’Farrell, has her own self-promoting blog.

DeWilde looks great on paper. She’s a lawyer with loads of experience, Quebec connections, Order of Canada, etc, etc. Only trouble is she also sits on corporate boards, including Telus, which negotiates carriage deals with broadcasters and could possibly be covered by Steve Paikin’s show, Oh, My Paikin’ Agenda.

How DeWilde can run a journo/documentary organization and sit on boards of companies they cover, is a mystery to us.

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One comment on “The Corpse: Game of Drones
  1. OJM says:

    I’m putting my money on Lisa deWilde-Beest…as the current federal MinFin has elucidated at length, it ain’t “conflict of interest” provided some career civil service apparatchik says it ain’t.

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