Famous Bloviators School Master Class

Rent on the ancestral manor due, His Lordship sluggishly stokes the insatiable cinerators of punditry…
Little remains to be added to what my esteemed colleagues Christie Blatchford and Barbara Kay have written about the shameful performance of Wilfrid Laurier University in the Lindsay Shepherd affair.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, National Post, Nov. 24, 2017.

Parking his pride at the study door, he launches into a 1,300-word rehash of Crusty and Babs, featuring this blue-ribbon, 66-word fatburg…
And how did we allow our centres of higher learning to degenerate into these theatres of the absurd where stupefying sums are squandered to enable questionably qualified people to teach largely irrelevant material in life-assured sinecures of six-hour work weeks with three months annual holidays, while thoughtful discussion is suppressed, all to produce masses of under-educated people largely unqualified to get or hold a serious job?

Barely pausing, he manages to ingeminate his by now shopworn defence of Sir John A., before sliding inelegantly into a supererogatory recap of the rise and fall of Adolph Hitler…
Macdonald (inevitably) was portrayed by the complaining native militants as a Hitler also, as if Macdonald would have approved anything Hitler did after he was mustered out of the German army as a decorated corporal…before he discharged a bullet into his head as his wife of one day took poison, in their bunker with the Red Army only a few hundred yards away…

And, never one to forgo an opportunity to recycle himself, yet another Philippic against the entire Western educational system and the iniquities of collective bargaining…
I take advantage of Shepherd’s persecution to propose the outline of a radical plan for the resuscitation of Western education. In addition to deunionizing the schools [blah, blah]…

Before—big finish, now!—spinning a tired defence of colonialism into a facile apothegm…
The retiring chief justice of Canada has falsely accused Canada of attempting cultural genocide on native people; in fact we are inadvertently trying to practice it on ourselves.

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5 comments on “Famous Bloviators School Master Class
  1. OJM says:

    This isn’t a newspaper column…it’s a re-enactment of the Hindenburg disaster.

  2. rumleyfips says:

    Anything written by the Blimp is cultural homicide indeed.

  3. daveS says:

    See DEC 1, 2017
    Conrad Black: Too many BAs. Too many lawyers. Not enough real work.

    ….”As mentioned in my piece here last week about some of the vagaries of contemporary education, the percentage of people with a university degree has skyrocketed, but the utility of the degree has deteriorated. When I gained a B.A. about 50 years ago, it was a virtual guaranty of employability, though I did not use it for that, and continued at university for some years, while beginning my newspaper career.”

    What is His Lordship giving us for Christmas??

  4. margaret caines says:

    Could ‘bloviator’ be another overused word? Saw it somewhere today referring to Trump.

  5. Patrick60 says:

    Why is this convicted felon, a non-citizen, still in residence in our fair, or at least so-so land?

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