CTV Mean Girls Part XXVII

As reported in the gutter press this week, the piggy behaviour scandals that derailed the careers of many high-profile men in the media have claimed their first victim in English-Canada. Gregg “The Manalyst” Zaun, the Don Cherry of baseball bloviators, was fired this week by Sportsnet.

Meanwhile, at CTV News, hacks of every gender have been praying that the wave of exposés won’t stop at abusive men, but will include women.

At CTV, staffers have been complaining that the inappropriate behaviour comes in the form of harassment, verbal abuse, bullying and belittling–men and women claim it’s s.o.p. at CTV News.

Readers will recall complaints in the past about Lisa LaFlameout, CTV chief bingo caller, and Wendy Freeman, her putative news boss.

Some hacks recently reached out to the gutter press to again complain about the culture of intimidation, fear and abuse.

Freeman’s victims are inevitably women and woe to those who push back, as Laurie Graham, former acting chief of CTV’s Ottawa bureau, discovered to her cost earlier a couple of years ago.

When Graham refused a six-month contract offer, Freeman yelled, “Who the fuck do you think you are? We don’t need you!”

Back at the Mean Girls Club that night, LaFlameout was jubilant, saying that Graham wasn’t “a good reporter…this is the best thing that could happen.”

When Graham was getting shafted, bureau colleague Katie Simpson spoke up in her defence, saying management was mistreating the Ottawa operation.

Simpson was so pissed she began looking around for another gig and eventually signed on with CBC’s Parliament Hill bureau.

This was all too much for the moist and garrulous LaFlamme, who jumped on the blower to harangue her for “disloyalty.”


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3 comments on “CTV Mean Girls Part XXVII
  1. Nete Peedham says:

    “Treating good people like this is why good people avoid public service.” This was in a tweet supporting Bill Morneau. It’s common boilerplate braun-nosing in Canada’s military as well.

    The sick culture permeates our “Meritocracy”. I suppose it’s better than the subterranean bar set by conservatives, who think that everything would be better if we could just be more like the yanks, the Brits, or the Israelis.

  2. Is Data Fact says:

    Good riddance to M. Zaun. His joyless approach overshadowed any excitement the game ever managed to elicit. Even Jody couldn’t over come his constant grief. Unfortunately bumped into GZ at a couple of fundraisers, dressed as Don Cherry lite and he never failed to disperse conversants with wonderment of his celebrity status. Maybe ask Buck Martinez for some ideas on a replacement

  3. Papadoc says:

    My what a succulent mouth you possess…..just a little wider please.

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