Legacy: More Tales from the Muldoon Institute of Kickbacks

The adventures of Byron Muldoon and his Dubious Doctor Donors Deal at St. Francis Xavier (Frank 101) took another bizarre turn last week, amid revelations that Wafic Said, one of Muldoon’s billionaire buddies from Saudi Arabia, somehow acquired Canadian citizenship in 1991.

As reported exclusively in these pages last week, Said was awarded an honourary degree from St. F. X. in May of 2015, only two months after he donated $4 million toward a new $60-million program at the Mulroney Institute of Kickbacks (‘Government,’ shurely?!—ed.).

Said, a Syrian-Saudi billionaire, helped broker an oil-for-arms deal between Britain and Saudi Arabia that, in 2010, resulted in criminal bribery fines against a British manufacturer, BAE systems.

It was also reported by CBC last week that Said somehow obtained Canadian citizenship in the early nineties, despite questionable evidence that he fulfilled the requirement to spend three years in the country.

A spokesthingy for Said told CBC via email that he “often” spent time in a basement apartment (in a rundown section of Montreal) in order to build up the time required for his residency.

Said was already a billionaire by that point, having made his fortune in the Saudi construction biz and as an arms broker.

Shown a picture of Said and his wife, a woman who lived on the third floor of the building from 1987 to 1991 said she had never seen them at the house and had never heard of his name.

“I’ve been in this area since ’85 and I’ve never seen a billionaire here,” Elaine Gloutnez told Radio-Canada.

Corporate filings in Britain show Said was a director of the Bath and Racquets Club in London and listed his “usual residential address” as a building in central London in 1990 and 1991.

Apropos of nothing, a spin through Frank’s back pages reveals that the man in charge at employment and immigration during the year in question was none other than Peter Harder.

It only looks like a dump.

Harder was appointed deputy minister by Buldoon, in part because of his loyalty to the Tories (he’d done yeoman service as chief of staff to Tory ministers Joe Clark and Flora MacDonald.)

Muldoon was later awarded a five-year term on the board of a Bermuda-based company controlled by Wafic (2004-2009.)

These days, Harder occupies a comfortable pew as an “independent” member of the Canadian senate.

Pip, pip!


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3 comments on “Legacy: More Tales from the Muldoon Institute of Kickbacks
  1. Papadoc says:

    This whole story just gets harder and harder to believe.

  2. reym says:

    Every time that I read a Frank item re: Byron Muldoon I feel the need to take a shower.

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