Latest Madame Tussauds Shock!

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7 comments on “Latest Madame Tussauds Shock!
  1. OJM says:

    What’s the opposite of “power couple”?

  2. Patrick60 says:

    Oh God? Really? Where is Sandra Bussin, the lesser of two weevils, when we really need her? Lisa Kinsella would be a disaster for the Ward.

  3. Trippetta says:

    As the audience used to yell at The Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Where’s your f*****g neck!”

  4. Harry Kemp says:

    They’re a couple? He looks more like her dad!

  5. Alan Smithee says:

    She needs a burger. He needs a tailor. I need a drink.

  6. Forbes Kennedy says:

    The head’s not to scale, should be 30% bigger but with the price of wax these days, not economically feasible.

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