This Week in the Ottawa Petfinder

Ontario woman ticketed for driving with a parrot on her shoulder, police say – Feb. 12.

Man bit by raccoon believed to be rabid as virus spreads in Toronto – Feb. 11.

Wichita firefighters rescue injured cat from icy river – Feb. 9.

Florida woman: Airline told me to flush pet hamster before boarding flight – Feb. 8.

Tearful squadron shows up to salute last moments of dying hero dog

Rico, a beloved and decorated veteran of the War in Afghanistan, had been partially paralyzed by what is effectively a canine version of ALS – Feb. 7.

Shot dog weathers further surgery – Feb. 7.

Uber issues apology for ‘unacceptable’ treatment

Drivers in Toronto, Ottawa refused blind passenger because of her guide dog – Feb. 7

Injured tropical brown booby seabird found in Victoria – Feb. 1.

United joins Delta in tightening rules for comfort animals – Feb. 1.

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