“Deafening silence; the silence is deafening”

I defined radical as opposition to every major resource project. Moreover, I issued a challenge to any environmental organization to name a single pipeline project that it supported. The silence was deafening. Possibly because my definition sounded too reasonable, the media never reported on my explanation of the definition or the challenge, which I reiterated numerous times.
–Joe Oliver, Financial Post, Mar. 13.

The deafening silence from the provinces – who ultimately pay for drugs – on this issue does not indicate enthusiasm.
–Andre Picard, Globe and Mail, Mar. 6.

Activists fighting to end violence against women say the silence in Peel has been deafening after four women were killed in their homes in the span of two weeks last month.
Pam Douglas, Toronto Star, Feb. 20.

Meanwhile, there’s been a deafening silence from officials at Live Nation Canada, promoter of the [Hedley] tour, despite repeated attempts to contact the company.
–Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 16.

There are no witnesses, no questions, no answers. Just deafening silence.
–Gail Lethbridge, Halifax Chronicle Herald, Jan. 6.

A little finger-wagging in private hardly counts as principled diplomacy. Nor does the Trudeau government’s deafening silence over Iranian pro-democracy protesters being gunned down by state zealots.
–Paul Koring, iPolitics, Jan. 5.

In a Canadian winter, the silence can be deafening, in an amazing way.
–Mark and Ben Cullen, Toronto Star, Dec. 30.

In a world where pop stars and politics are constantly intertwined, Taylor Swift’s silence has been deafening.
–Josiah Hughes, Exclaim!(!), Nov. 6.

The death of critical thinking has led to a deafening silence in the area of actual personal opinion, a dearth of dialogue, and a collapse of conversation.
–“Doctor” Robert R. Owens, Canada Free Press, Sept. 28.

For months, Suu Kyi’s deafening silence has been prompting widespread demands that the Nobel Committee revoke her peace prize.
–Terry Glavin, Ottawa Citizen, Sept. 7.

The sound of silence in last Friday’s cellphone service outage in Atlantic Canada was deafening, costly and potentially deadly.
–Editorial, Halifax Chronicle Herald, Aug. 10.

WINNER: (3-WAY TIE) Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Halifax Chronicle Herald (2 each)

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3 comments on ““Deafening silence; the silence is deafening”
  1. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    For whatever reason,I don’t think there is a mainstream journalist left who is capable of originating
    a phrase. I miss Alan Fotheringham, though I spurned him at the time.

  2. wolfkir says:

    Some deafening silence from a few of these opinionators would be welcome.

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