“Headwinds,” (esp. “facing headwinds”)

Last November, Singh had to quickly walk back a suggestion that bilingualism requirements for Supreme Court justices be waived to encourage Indigenous candidates. That received immediate caucus pushback because the bilingualism requirement is party policy and of particular importance to his colleagues from Quebec, where Singh will face strong headwinds in 2019.
–Tim Harper, Toronto Star, Mar. 27.

The budgetary tailwind enjoyed by the Liberal Party is in contrast to the headwinds faced by former prime minister Stephen Harper, who cut roughly $4.9 billion from direct program spending in its 2015-16 budget.
–Jesse Snyder, National Post, Mar. 20.

Canadian stocks with exposure to the energy and marijuana sectors face headwinds as 2018 progresses, according to short-interest data collected in the second week of March by The Globe and Mail.
–Larry MacDonald, Globe and Mail, Mar. 15.

Further deterioration in credit growth – while likely healthy for consumers in the longer term – would represent a significant headwind for a domestic economy…
–Scott Barlow, Globe and Mail, Mar. 12.

[G]iven major headwinds affecting the industry, grocers will need to get even more creative to reassure investors.
–Sylvain Charlebois, Manitoba Co-Operator, Mar. 12.

The economy also faces a number of economic headwinds and risks — Donald Trump among them.
–Josh Wingrove, Theophilos Argitis, Maciej Onoszko, Bloomberg, Mar. 8.

But the report also suggests developers are betting the condo market will be less affected by headwinds including higher borrowing costs and tighter mortgage qualification rules that are currently hitting Toronto housing.
–Theophilos Argitis, Bloomberg, Mar. 8.

In fact, we are already witnessing how a trade war could affect the Canadian agrifood sector as Canadian pulse farmers are now bracing for some major trading headwinds from India.
–Sylvain Charlebois, National Post, Mar. 8.

Although the music industry faces significant headwinds as consumer tastes continue to change, Szpiro says that market forces are helping counteract many of the more worrisome trends.
–Chris Powell, Canadian Business, Mar. 8.

While the North American marine industry faces some headwinds in changing consumer habits, Bolton is confident that KingFisher’s emphasis on “mass customization,” customer service and a stringent employee on-boarding process will ensure its long-term viability.
–Chris Powell, Canadian Business, Mar. 8.

Are the Liberals chasing the wrong priorities as the Canadian economy confronts American-generated headwinds? We’ll see. – John Ibbitson, Globe and Mail, Mar. 6.

Europe and China, as well as Canada, would almost certainly respond with their own tariffs on some U.S.-made goods if Mr. Trump forges ahead with his levies. As a result, U.S. exporters would face new headwinds to selling their products internationally and many U.S. companies would be forced to re-engineer global supply chains they have spent years building. – Ian McGugan, Globe and Mail, Mar. 5.

Higher wages and increased investment are encouraging, but there’s reason to worry that the economy lacks the momentum needed to push through the headwinds being whipped up by U.S. President Donald Trump. – Kevin Carmichael, Financial Post, Mar. 4.

But several other governments have discouraged their citizens from consuming an unreasonable amount of meat. That’s not a signal the meat industry needs. The other major headwind the industry faces is related to the ethical treatment of animals. – Sylain Charlebois, Western Producer, Mar. 1.

The shrinking investment underscores how the energy slump is lingering in a Canadian economy that last year also began to face the additional headwind of growing U.S. protectionism. – Theophilos Argitis, Bloomberg, Mar. 1.

WINNER: (tie) Globe and Mail (3), Bloomberg (3)

MVPs: Sylvain Charlebois (3), Theophilos Argitis (3), Scott Barlow (2)

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4 comments on ““Headwinds,” (esp. “facing headwinds”)
  1. OJM says:

    Canadian pundits give good head(wind).

  2. daveS says:

    Hmm. Many of these “writers” are free-lance or PR people.
    Can we really blame the papers and news outlets for verbiage from non-staffers?

    Yes, we can. And the careless copy-editors (at home or in the Philippines).

  3. wolfkir says:

    Re music industry: I just love it when market forces conteract headwinds. One cliche fighting another.

  4. John MacLachlan Gray says:

    In some writers here (bonjour Sylvain), the headwinds are occurring within the head itself.

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