The Twidiocy: Jesse Brown, Terry Milewski, Mark Hayes, Adam Benzine

Fresh from his humiliation at the hands of Terry Milewski, Canadaland impresario Jesse Brown returned this week for another losing purse-swinger with fellow social media bores.

Readers will recall (Frank, Mar. 8) it all ended in jeers for the emoji tycoon after he accused CBC news-mustache emeritus Milewski of racism in his  infamous interview with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. 

Singh subsequently acknowledged he was wrong to hedge on Air India bomber Talwinder Singh Parmar, but Brown kept tooting the ‘racist’ foghorn. Eventually, he issued a half-ass apology, but not before being repeated pummelled by Milewski:

 @CBCTerry Replying to @JesseBrown
What a slimy, dishonest spectacle. Jesse says “If I called you “kinda racist” then I think I do owe you an apology.” (More than kinda – he said I’m “reasonably perceived” as racist.) But no apology. Instead, he tweets anonymous smears calling me racist. Jesse Brown: Smears R Us.

Speaking of smears, how about the time Brown libelled Michael Bryant? The former Ontario AG had criminal negligence charges dropped against him in the 2009 automotive death of Darcy Allan Sheppard, courrier de bike. There was deemed little chance of conviction. (See Also: Cycle Killer, qu’est-ce que c’est?)

When Brown tweeted in February that Shepherd was a “murder victim,” longtime Canadaland critic Jon Kay (a lawyer), jumped in:

That would be the victim determined by the court as being the aggressor in the incident, yes? And when you say “murder,” you’re accusing Bryant of the crime of murder? Are you going on record with that?

Bryant killed Sheppard [sic]. If he wants to finally contest that in court, he’s welcome to come at me.

Mark Hayes @ HayesLaw I have no inside information and never met Bryant, but from everything I’ve read I’m guessing it would be an uphill battle to prove that he intentionally tried to injure the cyclist (as you said twice in one tweet, after specifically using the word “murder”). But carry on….

For once, Brown was speechless and Kay weighed back in:

Hey… Where did @JesseBrown go ????
Such a cliffhanger
He had just accused the head of @cancivlib of being a murderer, and now he’s disappeared.

This week, Brown fired off another whopper about his favourite obsession, the CBC.

So Alias Grace just became available on Netflix Canada. It’s been available on Netflix elsewhere in the world for 6 months. Why did we get it last? Because we helped pay for it. It’s a CBC co-production. Make sense? Not really.


Adam Benzine, Canadian Oscar nominee, replied: “You’ve got to be kidding, right? Canadians got Alias Grace first, on CBC – a public broadcaster and platform that’s freely available to everyone – on Sept 25. Netflix, rest of the world, got the series on November 3, more than a month later.

Scores of corrective tweets later, Brown was in full retreat and reduced to changing the channel:

When the CBC wanted all Canadians to see the last Tragically Hip show, they put it up on YouTube without ads at the same time that they broadcast it.

@normwilner to @JesseBrown
Dude, just stop

This “media critic“ gig really isn’t working out.

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3 comments on “The Twidiocy: Jesse Brown, Terry Milewski, Mark Hayes, Adam Benzine
  1. daveS says:

    Why does Jesse Brown not promote himself to Publisher, CanadaLand and step out of the Sh*t he is always stepping into?
    Time for another set of ex-staff exposés that get thrown over Frank’s transom.

  2. Not me says:

    Bryant DID kill Sheppard. There’s video.

    Just because the courts felt they couldn’t prove intent doesn’t mean it wasn’t murder.

    Oh, and Jesse Brown is a self-promoting asshat.

  3. thisguy says:

    When Mark Bourrie can land a burn on you, you should know you suck.

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