“I, by far the most outspoken capitalist of the debaters, championed Franklin D. Roosevelt’s workfare programs”

I know nothing of politics, I was just hungry
Conrad Black, who confirmed he was a temporary resident at the time of both donations, explained both as likely “inadvertently made” via his attendance at functions held in honour of then-aspiring prime minister Justin Trudeau and then-aspiring leader Bernier. In the first instance, “the host at the occasion had the requested amount on the invitation and I was not aware that it was a contribution to the Liberal Party itself,” Black said. In the second instance, he said, “I may have paid part of the cost of having a luncheon for a few people at a club where Maxime Bernier was a guest.” Black said he was “not aware” of having paid anything to a Canadian political party for many years.
—Reported by Marie-Danielle Smith, National Post, Apr. 6, 2018.

That is, of course, for those poor sods without the benefit of endless afternoons in Hal Jackman’s bedroom honing one’s Bonapartist tendencies with countless reenactments of the Battle of Austerlitz
It was my pleasure on Wednesday night to participate in a debate at the C.D. Howe Institute about the desirability or otherwise of a guaranteed annual income in advanced Western countries. …I, by far the most outspoken capitalist of the debaters, championed Franklin D. Roosevelt’s workfare programs and military buildup that brought the United States out of the Great Depression, out of isolationism, and prepared it to lead the world in war and Cold War…. Hugh Segal… agreed with my commendation of the American experience that the non-personnel expenses in defence were the best form of stimulus spending as it went to the cutting edge of technology and throughout heavy industry, and that the armed forces were also the most effective form of adult education.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, National Post, Apr. 13, 2018.

It’s also reasonable to assume that most readers will have done a face plant in their oatmeal long before completing this sentence
It is reasonable to assume that the sociopolitical disease of oppressive political correctness will become more constricting and life-threatening to the human capacity for deductive reasoning and liberality of mind until it is forcefully attacked by a widely applied cultural germicide.
—Conrad, Lord Tubby, National Post, Apr. 6, 2018.

Yes, satisfying, in the same way it is to see a monkey lob a turd over a fence and into a crowd of tourists
It’s strangely satisfying to observe President Trump slowly rising in the polls, like the astonishingly slow lift-off of a rocket or an aircraft.
Conrad Black, National Review, Apr. 10, 2018.

‘Cause you know how good those Marxists are at brainwashing gullible industrialists into relocating to their shithole countries and at organizing efficient supply routes to coerce innocent Americans into drug addiction
…Mexico, especially as it is about to elect a Marxist president, could not be allowed to continue to export millions of unskilled peasants and immense quantities of dangerous drugs into the U.S., while raiding American manufacturing and exporting unemployment as well as the replacement products to the U.S., and encouraging the migrant American companies not to remit their profits.

God help us all!
Mr. Trump is presumably telling the Arabs and the Europeans…will have to do more of the heavy lifting. This is a delicate game in the most cynical and unstable region of all, and this president and his new secretary of state and national-security adviser are the best equipped Americans to cope with it since Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger.

He’s the one with the truck nuts on his Lincoln
Conrad Black, Survivorman Les Stroud, and economist Don Drummond will headline the Ontario Trucking Association’s (OTA) 92nd annual Executive Conference. It will be held at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, Ont., Nov. 7-8…. The awards dinner and reception will be co-hosted by Canadian entertainer Jessica Holmes from Royal Canadian Air Farce. Awards, including the Service to Industry award, will be given out during this dinner. The OTA Truck Driver of the Year will also be honored.
—www.trucknews.com, Apr. 6. 2018.

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3 comments on ““I, by far the most outspoken capitalist of the debaters, championed Franklin D. Roosevelt’s workfare programs”
  1. daveS says:

    Faceplant? This was only the initial 41 words, a mere 15 seconds of speech, a pittance compared to the full 2000 word essay by Lord Black on the Liberals and Summer Jobs sign offs.

    Filistine Frank Magazine editors only read comic books: Biff! Bam!! **Aaouh, @#%^*+?

    [ I suspect that most readers skip over Lord Black’s columns, (picked up free from the front bins at the local UPS shipping stores) as they do with Father Raymond J. de Souza, SJ. As the piece mentioned the word “abortion” there were more comments than usual, 48)

  2. rumleyfips says:

    Shouldn’t that read ‘ I the most misspoken capitalist’ ?

  3. OJM says:

    You know what’s an even greater threat to “the human capacity for deductive reasoning”? Prose so bad it makes you want to claw out your own eyes.

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