Double Dip Delight: The Senate’s Lucky Pierre

A fur-lined Frank welcome to Senator Pierre Dalphond, plunked into the Udder Place with fellow “independent” Donna Dasko just hours before both independently voted to pass the Liberals’ weed legalization bill.

Much huffing and puffing from Tory bagman Leo Housakos that Dalphond, a retired Quebec Court of Appeal Judge, could not possibly have apprised himself of the complexities of the legislation before gaily waving it back to the House of Commons, avec amendments

Nonsense, quoth the learned jurist, who could reveal to the Huffington Post that he’d been following the marijuana debate in the newspapers! Kudos.

What a splendid addition to our august chamber of sober second helpings — and to the Dalphond household income. In addition to his senatorial stipend of $150,600 plus the usual all-you-can-eat buffet of perqs, the honourable senator will continue to pocket his $220K+ lifetime annuity, only his due since retiring from the bench in 2014.

And on top of $370,000 and change from a grateful nation, should Senator Dalphond find himself missing an honest day’s billings, nothing in the genteel rules of the Red Chamber prevents the coruscating legalist from continuing to pick up a little pin money as a fun senior counsel/advisor at Stikeman Elliott.

Frank Fact: In a previous life, the fiercely independent senator served as legislative assistant to Liberal Yvan Picard, house leader in the government of Trudeau the Elder (1982-84). Welcome back, and trebles all round!

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One comment on “Double Dip Delight: The Senate’s Lucky Pierre
  1. daveS says:

    Quadruples! He can afford it.
    He is well within the top 1% (one percent) of incomes in Canada (starts at $224,000) says StatsCan in the May 2018 Megatrends

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